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Emma Pinkerton


CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
College Square
2 Anchor Road
United Kingdom
CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
College Square
2 Anchor Road
United Kingdom
Languages English

Emma Pinkerton is a partner in our Real Estate Disputes team. She works closely with our wider Real Estate team where she provides advice based on her in depth experience of all types of property disputes in  Courts and Tribunals as well as alternative dispute resolution.

She acts for a wide range of clients but focuses on the energy sector, advising on development agreements, interpretation of deeds, option and overage provisions, rights of light, nuisance and trespassers. She also has experience of contentious planning matters including Judicial Review and applications to modify restrictive covenants.

Emma is very responsive to clients’ needs and works to build lasting relationships.

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Relevant experience

  • The vacant possession strategy for the development and re-development a major city centre shopping centre. Also dealing with a claim for noise disturbance and advising in relation to an extensive rights to light issue which was successfully resolved by reaching settlement with adjoining landowners.
  • Various issues in preparation of site disposal including assisting and facilitating moving and removing tenants to enable remediation works; reviewing 300 tenancies at will and advising on impact in terms of vacant possession strategy; reviewing the position at various sites to advise on rights to move and remove pipelines and associated equipment.
  • Alongside the planning team on a number of Judicial Review proceedings including challenging the granting of planning permission to ensure the continued viability of a town centre shopping area.
  • Six defendant property fund companies within the Lloyds Banking Group in a High Court claim in relation to a breach of contract and a GBP 4m counterclaim for rectification of the value of various pension funds.
  • Scottish Widows in a High Court claim for rectification of a lease and under-lease. This decision was over-turned on Appeal and is now cited as one of the leading authorities on interpretation of contracts.
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  • 1998 - Anthropology and Law BA, London School of Economics
  • 2001 - LPC, College of Law, London
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