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Portrait of Helen Wallis

Helen Wallis

Patent Attorney

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages English, French

Helen is a UK and European Patent Attorney specialising in Computer-related inventions (both software and hardware) and Telecommunications. She has extensive experience of patent drafting and prosecution and represents a range of clients from single inventors through to multi-nationals. She works closely with teams of inventors to identify commercially valuable patentable ideas and then to draft patent applications which are suited to both European and US filing.

Helen's clients include leaders in the software, silicon chip and wireless communications fields. 

Helen handles all stages of the Patent process, including drafting, prosecution, opposition and litigation. In addition, she advises clients on the strategic aspects of patents, including portfolio management, filing programs, enforcement, and licensing.

Helen worked as a Senior Research Engineer and then Project Manager for Nortel Networks developing optoelectronic components. Helen was named as inventor on a number of patents and subsequently moved to the in-house Patent team where she supported the global Wireless and Enterprise businesses, assisting the business leaders to develop their patent protection strategy

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Relevant experience

  • Microsoft on drafting and prosecuting patent applications.
  • Imagination Technologies on drafting and prosecuting patent applications.
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio on drafting and prosecuting patent applications.
  • Telecoms company on a number of Oppositions at the EPO.
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Memberships & Roles

  • CIPA Computer Technology Committee
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  • 2005 – European Patent Attorney
  • 2004 – Chartered Patent Attorney
  • 2003 – Certificate in IP Law (with Distinction), Queen Mary College, London 
  • 1993 – MA Physics, St. Hugh's College, Oxford
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