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Louise Pearce


CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages English

Louise Pearce is an associate in the Dispute Resolution Team.

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  • 2016 – LPC MSc, University of Law, London
  • 2014 – LLB Law, University of Exeter, Exeter
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The Pro­posed Dir­ect­ive on Cor­por­ate Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Due Di­li­gence – a step...
The Pro­posed Dir­ect­ive on Cor­por­ate Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Due Di­li­gence (the “CSDD Pro­pos­al”), pub­lished on 23 Feb­ru­ary 2022, aims to im­pose ob­lig­a­tions on com­pan­ies, their sub­si­di­ar­ies and their value chains...
Evol­u­tion not re­volu­tion: Cor­por­ate Re­spons­ib­il­ity and Cli­mate Change
Cli­mate change, sus­tain­ab­il­ity, and ESG are no longer niche areas of in­terest – they have be­come fun­da­ment­al to the way busi­nesses op­er­ate and im­pact the way we live our lives. Com­pan­ies face an im­port­ant...
Fu­ture Fa­cing Dis­putes - En­for­cing the Eth­ic­al Charter
In re­cent years, the dam­aging en­vir­on­ment­al im­pact of our mod­ern way of liv­ing has be­come a hot top­ic on so­ci­ety’s agenda and there has been a not­able shift to­wards mak­ing choices based on their eth­ic­al con­sequences. If we take the fash­ion in­dustry as an ex­ample, when pur­chas­ing a new item of cloth­ing, con­sumers are now more in­ter­ested than ever be­fore in the sup­ply chain that led to the cre­ation of that item:Where did the raw ma­ter­i­als, for ex­ample the cot­ton, come from?Were the raw ma­ter­i­als grown us­ing pesti­cides?Did the farm­ers get a fair price for the raw ma­ter­i­als?Were the clothes man­u­fac­tured in a fact­ory pro­du­cing sig­ni­fic­ant emis­sions?Did the work­ers who made the cloth­ing re­ceive a good wage?
Fu­ture Fa­cing Dis­putes - Green tech­no­logy – The key to cli­mate change mit­ig­a­tion...
Trans­par­ency is the corner­stone of ef­fect­ive ac­count­ab­il­ity, and cli­mate change re­port­ing is be­com­ing man­dat­ory in many jur­is­dic­tions around the world, in­clud­ing the UK. These changes in the reg­u­lat­ory...
Fu­ture Fa­cing Dis­putes: Ac­count­ab­il­ity in a chan­ging leg­al land­scape
Every day, our lives and busi­nesses are af­fected by the ac­tions and de­cisions of oth­ers. The ques­tion of how we hold de­cision-makers ac­count­able for their ac­tions is by no means a new one, but it will...
Fu­ture Fa­cing Dis­putes - Cli­mate Change We­bin­ar
Join CMS’s Lit­ig­a­tion, Ar­bit­ra­tion, In­sur­ance and Em­ploy­ment As­so­ci­ates for a lunch­time we­bin­ar dis­cuss­ing the busi­ness and lit­ig­a­tion risks presen­ted by cli­mate change. Re­view­ing re­cent trends in...
Green­ing your sup­ply chain
Many busi­nesses want to turn the im­pact of COV­ID-19 on their sup­ply chains in­to an op­por­tun­ity to im­prove ef­fi­ciency and in­crease mar­gins. They can do so by in­teg­rat­ing sus­tain­able en­vir­on­ment­al pro­cesses...
Dis­putes and Smart Con­tracts: tra­di­tion­al solu­tions to mod­ern prob­lems?
The tech­no­logy to cre­ate so-called smart con­tracts has been around since com­puters were in­ven­ted. Un­til re­l­at­ively re­cently smart con­tracts were largely rudi­ment­ary with lim­ited take-up and use, but...
Sup­ply chains – Con­tin­gency plan­ning for fu­ture dis­rup­tions
The COV­ID-19 crisis has high­lighted just how quickly and how eas­ily un­ex­pec­ted events can dis­rupt sup­ply chains. In a world where the trend in re­cent years has been for sup­ply chains to op­er­ate on an...