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Adtech is where advertising and digital technology converge. It is a world of the few vs the many; the few who understand the inner workings of the industry, the many who blindly follow and place their trust in those in the know. To a person not versed in the dark arts of programmatic buying, real-time bidding and probabilistic matching, it can seem an impenetrable fog of jargon.

To understand it, you need lawyers who have market- leading understanding of both technology and advertising. Our taskforce of experts are fully immersed in the adtech market and understand the key issues impacting the sector from both buy-side and sell-side, allowing us to provide targeted, commercially relevant, practical advice in context.

Our adtekr insights bring the adtech message to those who may not be technically-minded; to those who work in the marketing sector but are not marketers; and to those who are looking for a guiding light to help them through the jargon.

You can download the Advertising in a time of crisis report and Little Guide to Industry Jargon below, and find a library of other adtekr insights here.

ADTEKR - Advertising in a time of crisis report
PDF 2.2 MB
ADTEKR The Little Guide to Industry Jargon
PDF 506 kB