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Commercialising the next mobility revolution

18 June 2019

At a roundtable dinner at CMS’s London headquarters in spring 2019, we brought together industry leaders from the automotive and technology (autotech) world and key members of the CMS Autotech Group to discuss the commercial potential of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). We also discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on this growing sector. In this report, we capture expert views on the current status and future outlook for the industry, and on the key catalysts that are needed for CAVs to deliver their full potential.

Vehicle automation and connectivity are currently being driven forwards at an ever-quickening pace, spurred on by AI-powered technologies. Cars are increasingly becoming digital content platforms in their own right. The roll-out of new communications networks and technologies will play a major role in underpinning this mobile ‘internet of things’. And after much hype, driverless vehicles may finally be on the verge of reaching the streets. All of these developments will have major implications for how mobility and related services are delivered and monetised, as well as for vehicle safety and reliability. But are the right building blocks in place? What should government and industry do to foster further investment? And how should the market adapt to these opportunities?

These issues are explored in this report - we hope you find it interesting. If you require further information on any of the topics that it covers, please feel free to contact Laurence Kalman.

Commercialising the next mobility revolution
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Laurence Kalman