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Diagnostics and personalised medicine

Personalised medicine is a rapidly developing, exciting field to be working in, which represents a paradigm shift away from the approach of applying a ‘one size fits all’ treatment for a disease. The ability to characterise the profile of a patient’s disease has created the potential to determine treatments or products tailored for a patient group, or even designed for an individual patient. Numerous scientific disciplines feed into this exciting field. 

Our team has significant expertise across this field, from the identification of new biomarkers and their use in characterising patients, to the tailoring of treatments for particular patients, whether it is the selection of optimal drugs, generation of neoantigen vaccines or engineered CAR-T cells, or therapeutic gene editing using the CRISPR/Cas9 system.  We work with innovators in areas such as sequencing, vaccine development, peptide-based therapy, identification of fusion proteins, antibodies, cell therapy, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. 

We understand the challenges that clients face in protecting their inventions when different aspects of the diagnostic or product design process (such as sample processing or sequencing) may be outsourced. Outsourcing in multiple jurisdictions creates further challenges since different patent offices in different jurisdictions have different approaches for protecting these inventions.  We have significant expertise in advising clients how to adapt their IP strategy accordingly. 


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