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Digital Health

Digital Health is an inter-disciplinary field involving a wide range of technologies from electronics, artificial intelligence, software, medical devices, robotics, chemistry, biology and more.  At CMS we have specialists in Digital Health who are trained in both software and electronics patent work AND life sciences patent work which is relatively rare in the patent world.  The result is a cost effective and high quality patent filing and prosecution service for our Digital Health clients who range from large multi-nationals to start-ups. 

Particular examples include our patent work on medical image analysis using artificial intelligence, use of depth images to assess progression of multiple sclerosis in patients and the use of algorithms to optimise manufacturing of biologicals. We also work with a number of smaller MedTech start-ups including a medicinal cannabis health tech company, a software company focussed on automating processes in the gene and cell therapy sector and a biomarker company. Some of these companies are members of our established equIP Life Sciences programme, which supports start-up companies as they scale-up.  

Our seminar on Digital Health brought together academics, policy makers, start-ups and business leaders and provided a forum for our Digital Health clients to network and learn.   Our Patent Attorney team works closely with the CMS Digital Health regulatory team, Data Protection team, and Life Sciences Patent Litigation team and are able to provide insight and training to our clients. 

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