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General Counsel report: Creating connections, bridging gaps

14 September 2020

The next report in our General Counsel series ‘Creating connections, bridging gaps’, produced in partnership with ECLA, is now available to download.  

Based on the real-life experiences of 18 of Europe’s leading General Counsel, the report considers and connects different parts of the GC’s world and asks key questions to provoke analysis of their own performance and pathways for further development. 

How to read this report 

Unlike our previous reports, which typically considered a single aspect of the GC’s role, this report considers and connects many different parts of the GC world. The report asks questions and discusses options, drawing on all our previous research and our conversations with many hundreds of GCs. It does not include answers to the questions – because the answers will be different for each GC who reads it.

The questions can be read in any order; you can jump backwards or forwards as you wish. However, if you choose to read the report sequentially, you will find it takes you on a journey that starts and ends with questions about you, and in between them ranges across the whole landscape of GC experience.

The GC Bridge Model

Complementing our existing “GC Value Pyramid”, many of our readers will be familiar with, this report introduces the “GC Bridge Model” – a new tool designed to build influence and strategies to succeed. 

bridge chart

In keeping with our image of the GC themselves as a bridge, we have designed the Bridge Model above as a simple do-it-yourself guide for GCs wishing to visualise or assess their progress. Our bridge has 13 sections, one for each of the first 13 sections of this report.

You can use the model in any way you wish, of course, but we suggest thinking of it as a depiction of the parts of the bridge a GC needs to cross to reach the future as a true strategic business counsel. If a GC is weak in one of these areas, that part of the bridge will be weak too, or even missing.

A GC might succeed in crossing the bridge if there are just one or two weak sections. But if half the bridge is weak or missing, crossing it will be impossible. And without a strong, self-aware and bridge-building GC in the middle as a keystone, the bridge will collapse.

Interested to discuss further?

We hope you will find the report thought provoking and relevant to your own situation. 

To hear more from leading General Counsel speakers, alongside CMS and ECLA, please register for our virtual roundtable series via the ECLA Online Learning Centre. 

  • 30 September - A bridge to the future for General Counsel
  • 14 October - Your personal career development
  • 28 October - Developing your team

Exploring key elements of the report, the virtual events will ask questions to provoke analysis of personal and team performance, in order to position General Counsel as strategic advisors. We will also launch the ‘GC Bridge Model’.

CMS General Counsel Report: Creating Connections, Bridging Gaps