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Life Sciences - The road to recovery

Rebound & Remodel

10 February 2021

Covid-19 has put the life sciences industry in the spotlight.

The sector has pulled together to care for those impacted by the virus and in the race to find a vaccine. There have been collaborations between major players in the sector not seen before and an advancement of the use of technology which will have a lasting impact.

In our report we look at how the pandemic has remodelled the life sciences sector through changing regulation to allow the accelerated approval of medicines to the use of big data and advancements in digital health.

We also speak to Rawen Kader, Clinical Research Fellow, Faculty of Medical Sciences who is currently researching the use of artificial intelligence to try to improve the quality of colonoscopy and how the pandemic has impacted his research.

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Rebound & Remodel - Life Sciences - The road to recovery
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