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Consumer Protection

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Monitoring consumer protection has been one of the priorities of the European Commission and the Hungarian Competition Authority. This is hardly surprising as, after all, everybody is a consumer. In this challenging and increasingly regulated legal environment, we assist companies to be compliant. 

Specifically, we support clients in screening their advertising activity for misleading, aggressive and unlawful comparative advertising perspectives, and drafting and amending consumer T&Cs and various internal policies. We assess and advise on marketing activities (including promotional offers or price changes), especially to avoid “greenwashing” claims as one the hottest issues currently. We also represent businesses in proceedings before the Hungarian Competition Authority and the consumer protection agencies, and, subsequently, in judicial and administrative appeals against regulatory decisions. 

Finally, we support clients in developing strategies and step plans on adjusting their activity when legislation changes. We also regularly publish articles and hold workshops covering hot topics such as green claims, digitalisation, and advertising “free of charge”.