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CMS in Hungary

Like the rest of the world, Hungary has been affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic. The country has experienced strong growth over the last decade, with the auto and electronics sectors being particularly strong. However, all businesses have been impacted and are now looking to rebound with new strategies and ways of doing business.

This is a hugely challenging environment for businesses. Some – particularly in the hardest-hit sectors, such as hospitality – have already shelved plans for expansion and investment, and instead are restructuring to survive. Many more are preserving their cash reserves and adopting a cautious, conservative approach to what is still a developing situation.

In such an uncertain environment, businesses in Hungary need advisors like CMS. We have been advising clients across the region for over 30 years, in both good and bad times. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to find practical commercial solutions to your problems, and the flexibility and imagination to deal with rapidly changing circumstances.

However unprecedented the times may be, we are still here as legal advisers and business partners, helping you mitigate risk, benefit from innovation, and find new ways to succeed.

To find out more about the services CMS in Hungary can offer, please download our brochure below.

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