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SFDR and market uncertainty: The post-10 March implications for fund distribution across Europe

Past event
10 March 2021, 15:00 - 16:00 UTC +02:00

Although SFDR comes into force on 10 March, it is clear this is only the start of the journey. As we approach 10 March it is clear that clients are turning their minds to:

  • concerns around the differing application of Article 8 and 9 standards;
  • the implications of, and issues with, the Level 2 requirements; and
  • the overall impact of SFDR on distribution of funds across Europe.

The next phase of SFDR will certainly be a challenge, particularly as a number of countries have already gold-plated (by implementing local regulations) or taken different views on the standards for SFDR requirements.

CMS Funds Group’s experts from various jurisdictions (Germany, France, Luxembourg and the UK) will share their views on planning for the next phase, looking at local expectations and how to anticipate them in your marketing strategy. We will be joined by our guest speaker, John Aherne, from William Fry to provide insight on the Irish perspective.

We hope you will find this webinar insightful and that you will be able to join us. 

To obtain the recording of the event, contact your CMS lawyer.

  • 10 March


Portrait of Laura Houët
Laura Houët
Portrait of Aurélien Hollard
Aurélien Hollard
Partner | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait of Daniel Voigt
Dr. Daniel Voigt, MBA
Portrait of Jérôme Sutour
Jérôme Sutour
Portrait of John Aherney
John Aherne
Partner, William Fry Ireland
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