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CMS Expert Guide to Dismissals and Termination of Employment

Global comparison of notice periods, severance pay, summary dismissals, grounds for termination and more.

This year has seen unemployment reach historic lows in many economies. With inflation and interest rates rising, however, employers may face fresh pressures to review their workforce and see where efficiencies can be achieved.  

Terminating an employee’s contract – for whatever reason – is always a challenging task and one that needs to be handled carefully and sensitively for the good of all involved.

All major jurisdictions have legal procedures in place to help ensure a fair and supportive termination process. However, the statutory obligations on employers can vary significantly from country to country.

The Guide is a free, interactive guide to enable employers to understand and compare employment termination law and legislation across markets. 

Particularly relevant for individual terminations, it features:

  • Comprehensive guidance to the termination rules, including acceptable reasons for dismissal, notice periods, notification processes, severance rules, and non-compete clauses
  • Details for over 30 jurisdictions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Latin America
  • Sections for each country for 1) Employees and 2) Managing directors.

Start exploring the guide by selecting your relevant jurisdiction(s) from the dropdown menus below.
We’ll be pleased to help with any of the following and any related issues:

  • Individual dismissals, collective/mass dismissals and severance agreements (and we can also involve our tax colleagues for the tax aspects);
  • Effects of mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, off-shoring, and privatisation;
  • Workers’ councils’ co-determination rights;
  • Employee non-competition and confidentiality commitment procedures;
  • Dispute resolution, litigation and mediation, trade union issues/disputes related to dismissals or other matters; and
  • Redeployment/retraining of employees.

To speak to CMS employment specialists about any issues described in the guide (or to advise on your termination process), please contact your usual CMS representative. You can also email us: employment@cmslegal.com.


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