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CMS Expert Guide to employment termination law and legislation

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The CMS Expert Guide to Dismissals has been created to assist an employer in anticipating all the possible courses of events when the decision has been made to terminate an employee (i.e. end an employment contract) or dismiss a managing director.

In the current climate of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, layoffs and dismissals are being widely considered. The better prepared and informed a company is on this topic, the better able it will be to implement dismissals in a way that is the easiest to handle for everyone involved. Dismissals are not simply actions that end employment relationships. They are often part of a larger corporate restructuring process that spans offices and countries.

This Guide gives an overview of potential termination procedures for both employees (described in this first part of the Guide) and managing directors (described in the second part). In these pages, CMS’s international clients can find summaries of local laws, which are now easy to compare and contrast across jurisdictions thanks to the new comparison feature found in the CMS expert guides platform. This guide provides a thorough basis for individual employee and managing director dismissals, supplying readers with the “classic” approach to the process and listing all the factors that should be taken into consideration. 

We are confident the information set down here will help HR managers and decision-makers when faced with the challenging issue of dismissals. If after reading this Guide you are inspired to seek more detailed information, feel free to contact the CMS Employment Practice Area Group at [email protected] and we will be happy to provide you with further advice. Our employment group boasts a proven track record in understanding the needs of our clients and in rendering seamless topflight professional service.


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