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German Desk

in Luxembourg

Due to its location and its culture, Luxembourg has always had strong economic relations with German-speaking countries. As a matter of fact, Germany is one of the biggest Luxembourg’s trading partners; this reflects in the local life and in the different industries sectors where more and more German companies play an important role. Due to this large volume of trading, a lot of contractual relationships have been formed between Luxembourg and German companies in countless areas.

However, a lot of differences between the two legal systems still remain. The German Desk of CMS Luxembourg was created in 2012 in order to respond to the increasing needs of both Luxembourg companies who wish to operate in Germany and German companies who wish to operate in Luxembourg, whether or not they are established in the Grand Duchy. The lawyers who are part of our German Desk are fluent in at least three languages, including German, French and English. They are experts in their fields in both Luxembourgish and German law; some are even Avocat à la Cour in Luxembourg and Rechtsanwälte in Germany.

For that reason, they are able to advise Luxembourg and German clients in their native language and, at the same time, make the transition between the two legal systems that are involved, assuring the best possible implementation of their interest. Our German Desk covers all areas of business law across both jurisdictions and is experienced in advising German speaking clients.  

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The International Desk Team

Depending on requirements, interdisciplinary teams are assembled and a contact person is designated. His role is to coordinate the team while always staying available to the client. Whatever the question is, the contact person is able to answer promptly in the client’s native language. This approach guarantees our clients a service tailored to their objectives, flexible and cost-effective.

Our expertise includes: Corporate, Merger & Acquisitions, Commercial & Contract Law, Tax, Banking & Finance, Investment Funds, Insurance, Employment & Pensions and Dispute Resolution.


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Portrait ofHugo Arellano
Hugo Arellano
Portrait ofGilles Bropsom
Gilles Bropsom
Counsel | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait ofStéphane Boutoundou
Stéphane Boutoundou
Senior Associate | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait ofMiruna Poenaru
Miruna Poenaru
Portrait ofAurélia Budzik
Aurélia Budzik
Senior Associate | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait ofSuzanne Chibane
Suzanne Chibane
Managing Associate
Portrait ofSarah Hantscher
Sarah Hantscher
Managing Associate | Avocat à la Cour
Portrait ofMaximilian Helfgen
Maximilian Helfgen
Associate | Avocat
Portrait ofThomas Risch
Thomas Risch
Associate | Avocat
Portrait ofAlexander Walenta
Alexander Walenta
Associate | Avocat