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Sooner or later it happens to every businessman: a party you are dealing with fails to fulfill his obligations. Even if you manage to get that party to do so in the end, you will still be confronted with costs which will not be compensated for.

Costs because deliveries were not on time. Costs because the goods delivered were not as agreed. Costs because you had to spend time dealing with the problem; time that you could have spent on other things if your opposite party had fulfilled his obligations straight away. In short, you have incurred loss.

Naturally you can hold your opposite party liable for this loss, but actually recovering your loss is in many cases not so easy.

CMS is equally at home in recovering contractual loss as well as drawing up contracts. In the unlikely event that the opposite were to occur, i.e. you are held liable by your opposite party, our lawyers can give you too all the professional assistance and support you need.

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