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Disruption 2.0 – here we go again

AI in Consumer and Retail

25 February 2019

Whether you are concerned or exhilarated, the age of AI is here – from virtual assistants, to driverless vehicles and frictionless shops. CMS’ latest report uses extensive consumer research and a survey of business leaders to explore AI technologies and the new customer journey, the challenges of implementing AI, and the consumer attitudes that will ultimately shape its future.

Key themes arising from the research include:

  • Data, trust & ethics in AI – why retailers and consumer organisations may need AI ethics boards
  • Consumer readiness - why age is key
  • AI skills shortages in consumer organisations
  • How AI might actually reinvigorate, not hurt, the high-street
  • Legal & regulatory concerns - from the competition aspects of dynamic pricing to GDPR in automated decision making.

If you would like a hard copy of the attached report please contact Mael Habell-Aili.

Disruption 2.0 - AI in Consumer and Retail Report
PDF 2.9 MB