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CMS has automotive specialists with a wide experience in the automotive industry. We know what is going on in the sector and can give you personalized advice and assistance.

The automotive sector has its own highly specific legislation and regulations such as the European Exemption Regulation for the automotive sector (Regulation 1400/02). It is essential to be familiar with these laws and rules when drawing up and terminating dealer and financing contracts, automotive-related product liability and establishing and enforcing security interests.

In the case of problems to do with consumer financing (including the Consumer Credit Act and the Financial Services Act) or assisting companies in the automotive sector with relaunch scenarios and/or restructuring, expert legal assistance is vital.

Importers of cars and goods vehicles, car dealers, finance companies (including lease companies) and suppliers for the automotive sector can all be confronted with these kinds of situations.

CMS can assist you with such matters. On domestic as well as international matters, through our close collaboration with other European firms in the CMS organisation.

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25 February 2019
Dis­rup­tion 2.0 – here we go again
Wheth­er you are con­cerned or ex­hil­ar­ated, the age of AI is here – from vir­tu­al as­sist­ants, to driver­less vehicles and fric­tion­less shops. CMS’ latest re­port uses ex­tens­ive con­sumer re­search and a...
Feb 2019
Elec­tric vehicles and char­ging in­fra­struc­ture
The up­take of elec­tric vehicles (EVs) has soared in re­cent years (al­beit from a very low base), with jur­is­dic­tions such as Nor­way and The Neth­er­lands cur­rently lead­ing the pack. However, in or­der for...
June 2019
CMS Con­sumer Products Glob­al Bro­chure
As lead­ing ad­visers to the con­sumer products sec­tor, we help com­pan­ies cre­ate, de­liv­er, and sell their goods, pro­tect­ing their in­nov­a­tion and mar­ket po­s­i­tion every step of the way. We work with top...


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CMS pub­lishes in­frat­ech re­port 'Con­nec­ted Fu­ture'
Elec­tric vehicles, en­ergy stor­age, smart mo­bil­ity and di­git­al in­fra­struc­ture are prom­ising in­vest­ment pro­pos­i­tions in the world of in­frat­ech. CMS has today pub­lished the re­port Con­nec­ted Fu­ture which...
June 2018
De­sign­er food: mis­lead­ing rep­res­ent­a­tions and Brexit
In the European Uni­on, mis­lead­ing ad­vert­ising is un­law­ful. The Un­fair Com­mer­cial Prac­tices Dir­ect­ive pro­hib­its mis­lead­ing prac­tices that con­tain false in­form­a­tion likely to de­ceive the av­er­age con­sumer...
15 December 2017
CMS ad­vises Broekhuis on ac­quis­i­tion of all shares in Mar­tin Schilder
CMS has ad­vised Broekhuis Group, a lead­ing auto­mot­ive com­pany in the Neth­er­lands. The group has a lease di­vi­sion, car re­pair shops and deal­er­ships for inter alia BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Seat, Skoda and...
Jur­jen Groot ap­poin­ted as ex­pert of EU China IPR SME Help­desk
Per 1 March CMS-law­yer Jur­jen Groot is ap­poin­ted as ex­tern­al ex­pert of EU China IPR SME Help­desk.The EU China IPR SME Help­desk is fin­anced by the European Com­mis­sion. It aims to sup­port European SMEs...
CMS ad­vises Kroy­mans Fin­an­cial Ser­vices on its dis­pos­al of J&T Autolease...
CMS has ad­vised Kroy­mans Fin­an­cial Ser­vices on the dis­pos­al of all its shares in the cap­it­al of In­ter­na­tion­al Car Lease Hold­ing and its sub­si­di­ar­ies J&T Autolease and Dir­ectLease to the Man­de­makers Group...
CMS ad­vises Ne­der­man Hold­ing on the ac­quis­i­tion of L&G
CMS Derks Star Bus­mann has ad­vised Ne­der­man Hold­ing AB on the ac­quis­i­tion of the shares in the cap­it­al of L & G Be­heer N.V. of Bun­schoten-Spaken­burg. L & G Be­heer N.V. pro­duces and main­tains in­dus­tri­al...
CMS gives ad­vice to Pon on lease new Audi Centrum Am­s­ter­dam
Pon On­ro­er­end Goed, a real es­tate com­pany and own­er of the Audi Centrum Am­s­ter­dam, has entered in­to a long-term lease agree­ment with M. Caransa. On the in­struc­tions of Caransa, the con­struc­tion work for...
Volk­swa­gen finds new part­ner for Lease­Plan joint ven­ture
The Volk­swa­gen Group has found a new long-term, in­de­pend­ent part­ner for its Dutch joint ven­ture Lease­Plan Cor­por­a­tion N.V., Almere Stad, in the shape of Fleet In­vest­ments B.V., an in­vest­ment vehicle cre­ated...