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Our services include:

Our CMS Expat Desk conformed by the specialists of the Employment & Pensions and Tax practices, provide a well-recognized, efficient and experienced advice based in a holistic perspective, observing the complexity of the market and identifying features, strengths and client’s needs from the employment and tax perspective. The achieved know-how of more of than 20 years of experience, allow us to provide high quality and methodical services that guarantee successful incorporation and management of the cross-border human resource. 

Colombian CMS Expat Desk provides advice in the following matters:

  • Provide counsel in cases related to labor contracts, labor conditions adjustments, workplace regulations, hiring, dismissals, retirement plans, sanctions, apprenticeships, policies and measures in occupational hazards, labor risk, and, all issues related with the core business on this matter.
  • Advice in the drafting of Mobility Policies.
  • Advice with regards to the compliance of the legal obligations before the Social Security System in Colombia (Health, Pension Fund and Occupational Risk Manager).
  • Advice in the management of the employment relationships and the observance of the legal provisions according with the principle of territoriality.
  • Advice in the design of payroll schemes (salaries and fringe benefits) at the level of the Company.
  • Advice in the design of payment schemes per employee observing the current legal provisions.
  • Provide counsel in cases related with expats and the integral management of immigration permits and Colombian visas.
  • Advice in the registration procedures and legal representation in case of administrative investigation before Migration Colombia.
  • Best practice reports to verify the fulfilment of the labor and social security regulations.
  • Advice on terms and conditions of any withholding tax applicable to expat employees’ payments, before and after they become Colombian fiscal residents.
  • Advise in connection to the available tax benefits for expat employees working in Colombia.


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