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Klaus Jäger

Klaus Jäger


CMS Hasche Sigle
Kranhaus 1
Im Zollhafen 18
50678 Cologne
Languages English, French, German

Klaus Jäger has more than 25 years of experience in advising on domestic and cross-border M&A, private equity and joint venture transactions as well as other forms of cooperation. He is highly regarded for his long-standing experience and expertise in the efficient coordination of large (international) teams. In major rankings, Klaus is regularly named as one of Germany’s leading corporate/M&A lawyers. Heading the firm’s M&A – TMC cluster, he has also special expertise in the technology, media and communication sector. He advises selected start-ups through the CMS equIP programme.

Klaus joined CMS in 2002 and was made partner in 2003. Prior to that, he, among others, headed the M&A department of Arthur Andersen in Paris with responsibility for the firm’s global expansion.

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"Recommended" for M&A

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2021 (GCLF)


JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2019 (GCLF)

"More than other leading competitors, CMS earns kudos for its work on international joint ventures, especially Cologne partner Klaus Jäger."

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2018 (GCLF)

"pleasant to work with, the firm network also works well" (client)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2018 (GCLF)

"very cooperative" (client)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2017 (GCLF)

"very competent and pleasant negotiating partner" (competitor)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2015 (GCLF)

"competent, professional, efficient and pragmatic" (client)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2014 (GCLF)

"unbelievably high work ethic" (client)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2014 (GCLF)

"proof positive that CMS boasts preeminent rainmakers in its ranks"

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2012 (GCLF)

"pleasant and constructive" (competitor)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2010 (GCLF)

"coordinates well in Germany and abroad" (client)

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2007 (GCLF)

Relevant experience

  • One Square Advisors | On the acquisition of the Neue Halberg Guss GmbH business operations, a Prevent Group company
  • NORD Holding | On the acquisition of Parador GmbH from Hüls Group and subsequent sale to the listed Indian group CK Birla
  • RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH | On the acquisition of the Masco Group in Italy
  • ASTRA RAIL Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH | On setting up a joint venture with The Greenbrier Companies, Inc., a US manufacturer of rail freight wagons
  • NORD Holding | On the acquisition of the entire share capital of RUF-Bett International GmbH & Co. KG
  • Webasto SE | On the acquisition of asset shares from Schaidt Innovations GmbH & Co. KGe (asset deal)
  • Advising on the joint venture between Omya-Holding AG and Imerys Minerals Limited
  • Apollo Tyres Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Ltd | On the acquisition of reifen.com GmbH shares
  • Advising on the joint venture between AXA Gruppe und Compugroup Medical AG (CGM) to establish and develop an e-health platform
  • Carglass Group | On the acquisition of junited AUTOGLAS
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  • Trainee lawyer at Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court including international stints in San Francisco and New York
  • Law studies in Trier and Cologne
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  • Verkäufergarantien bei NPL-Transaktionen, ZBB Report 2005, p. 207 f
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Lectures list

  • Papers on: Private equity/ venture capital; transactions; outsourcing; financing of small and medium-sized companies; cross-border company purchases
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CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on ac­quis­i­tion of com­pressor man­u­fac­turer Bock
Co­logne – NORD Hold­ing has ac­quired all the shares in the Bock Group, a man­u­fac­turer of open and semi-her­met­ic re­cip­roc­at­ing com­pressors for sta­tion­ary and trans­port-re­lated re­fri­ger­a­tion ap­plic­a­tions...
CMS ad­vises Dis­cov­ery on the agree­ment to take over the TV chan­nel TELE...
Lon­don/Mu­nich/Co­logne - The glob­al me­dia com­pany Dis­cov­ery has taken over the Ger­man fic­tion­al Free TV sta­tion TELE 5 from the pre­vi­ous own­er LE­ON­INE. In ad­di­tion, a long-term pro­gram li­cense agree­ment...
CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on ac­quis­i­tion of on­line bed­room fur­niture portal...
Co­logne – The RUF Group has fully ac­quired Ber­lin-based on­line shop for bed­room fur­niture Bruno In­teri­or GmbH. RUF has been part of the NORD Hold­ing port­fo­lio since 2016. The fin­an­cial de­tails of the...
CMS ad­vises Mind­curv share­hold­ers on in­vest­ment by GENUI Part­ners and PRIMEPULSE
Co­logne – Ham­burg-based private equity firm GENUI Part­ners and en­tre­pren­eur Klaus Wein­mann (act­ing through his PRIMEPULSE in­vest­ment hold­ing com­pany) have ac­quired Mind­curv Group GmbH, an Es­sen-based...
CMS ad­vises One Square Ad­visors on res­cue of auto­mot­ive sup­pli­er Neue Hal­berg...
Co­logne – AVIR Guß Hold­ing GmbH has ac­quired the busi­ness op­er­a­tions of Neue Hal­berg Guss GmbH to­geth­er with all the ma­jor as­sets. The deal lifts the threat of job losses for the time be­ing and was...
CMS ad­vises TATA Steel on sale of Kalzip Group to Mutares
Co­logne – TATA Steel has signed an agree­ment for the sale of the Kalzip Group to Donges Steel­Tec, a sub­si­di­ary of Mutares. The sale is cur­rently await­ing ap­prov­al from the com­pet­i­tion au­thor­it­ies. The...
CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on sale of floor cov­er­ing man­u­fac­turer Parador...
Co­logne – In­di­an build­ing ma­ter­i­als pro­du­cer HIL Lim­ited, a sub­si­di­ary of the CK Birla Group, has ac­quired Ger­man floor cov­er­ing man­u­fac­turer Parador from its ex­ist­ing own­er, NORD Hold­ing Un­ternehmens­beteili­gungs­gesell­schaft...
22 January 2018
In­nov­ate or your deal could die
Any com­pany or law­yer that has ever been in­volved in any kind of mer­ger or ac­quis­i­tion trans­ac­tion will know one thing for sure – a deal typ­ic­ally in­volve hours of leg­al work, in­clud­ing of­ten mundane...
08 December 2017
In­ter­na­tion­al Tech­no­logy, Me­dia and Com­mu­nic­a­tions Con­fer­ence 2017
Now mark­ing its 3rd year, CM­S's In­ter­na­tion­al Tech­no­logy, Me­dia and Com­mu­nic­a­tions con­fer­ence will be gath­er­ing more than 150 del­eg­ates, rep­res­ent­ing fin­an­cial in­sti­tu­tions, tech­no­logy play­ers, tra­di­tion­al...
CMS ad­vises Ac­cess In­dus­tries as lead in­vestor in round of fin­an­cing for...
Co­logne – Start-up Ada Health has raised EUR 40 mil­lion (USD 47 mil­lion) in a round of fin­an­cing. The lead in­vestor is Ac­cess In­dus­tries, a privately held in­dus­tri­al group based in the US. Glob­al tech­no­logy...
An­oth­er joint suc­cess: CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on a fur­ther pur­chase –...
Co­logne – NORD Hold­ing Un­ternehmens­beteili­gungs­gesell­schaft mbH has ac­quired the busi­ness op­er­a­tions of fash­ion house Olsen as part of a cross-bor­der mixed share and as­set deal. The vendor is Switzer­land’s...
07 December 2016
CMS ad­vises As­tra Rail on es­tab­lish­ing joint ven­ture with Green­bri­er Europe
28 Oc­to­ber 2016 – US-based freight wag­on man­u­fac­turer The Green­bri­er Com­pan­ies, Inc. and its Ro­mani­an coun­ter­part, As­tra Rail, are form­ing a joint ven­ture in Europe. Once the trans­ac­tion has been com­pleted...