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CMS Compliance Barometer 2018

Representative survey with major German companies

May 2019

The survey is based on computer-aided B2B telephone interviews with 177 compliance officers from large German companies in the industrial, real estate, automotive, retail, healthcare, ICT and finance / insurance sectors. The anonymous interviews by market research institute Ipsos GmbH were conducted in autumn 2018. They were based on a structured set of around 40 questions, covering (i) organisation, (ii) risks/challenges, (iii) tools, (iv) culture and (v) digitisation.

A compliance officer was defined as any senior employee who is qualified to comment on the totality of tools and processes set up within the company to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. The total population comprised around 5,700 major legally independent companies in Germany, of all sizes in terms of sales and number of employees; an almost entirely proportional random sample based on the seven sectors was used.

We believe that the fourth edition of the CMS Compliance Barometer will provide useful insights for your work. We would be pleased to receive any suggestions about the survey and your personal views on the evolving role of compliance.

If you would like to receive the complete study in PDF format, please contact us.

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Harald W Potinecke
Dr. Harald W Potinecke
Florian Block
Florian Block