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Portrait of Sara Keag

Sara Keag

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages English, French, Japanese, Italian

Sara is a Senior Associate in the Real Estate Disputes team.

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  • 2004 – LL.B. (ling.franc.), Trinity College, Dublin
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Pan­dem­ic ar­rears: first ar­bit­ra­tion award fi­nally pub­lished
In March the Gov­ern­ment en­acted the Com­mer­cial Rent (Coronavir­us) Act 2022 (CRCA) which gave ten­ants a fi­nal six months’ re­prieve against for­feit­ure ac­tion.  The six month win­dow was to en­able land­lords...
Up­date on the Com­mer­cial Rent (Coronavir­us) Act 2022 (the “Act”)
The draft Bill passed its third read­ing in the House of Lords on Tues­day, with the House of Com­mons due to con­sider the fi­nal (cla­ri­fic­at­ory) amend­ment in ses­sion on 23 March 2022.   Ac­cord­ingly, the...
Cov­id Rent Ar­rears
The Gov­ern­ment has fi­nally an­nounced its pro­pos­als for deal­ing with Cov­id Rent Ar­rears in its Com­mer­cial Rent (Coronavir­us) Bill.  The Bill will now be sub­ject to the usu­al par­lia­ment­ary scru­tiny and...
A new morator­i­um for con­sumer debt­ors - The “Breath­ing Space” Reg­u­la­tions  
The “Breath­ing Space” Reg­u­la­tions come in­to force on 4 May 2021 (the “Reg­u­la­tions”). The Reg­u­la­tions are de­signed to provide debt­ors the right to leg­al pro­tec­tions from their cred­it­ors, primar­ily...
Pro­hib­it­ory In­junc­tions in Ac­tion: A re­cent ex­ample of en­force­ment
Activ­it­ies of ‘urb­an ex­plorers’ are on the rise and we have seen the Courts grant pro­hib­it­ory in­junc­tions usu­ally against ‘per­sons un­known’ pro­hib­it­ing tres­pass on private land and, in par­tic­u­lar...
An­oth­er wild goose chase: Canada Goose v Per­sons Un­known
Last year, we com­men­ted on the High Court’s prag­mat­ic ap­proach to in­junct­ing against Per­sons Un­known where there was a “sig­ni­fic­ant risk” of presently uniden­ti­fied oth­ers dam­aging or tres­passing...
The High Court has de­livered clear guid­ance on the “do”s and “don’t”s of...
The CVA chal­lenge The land­lords’ claim against the Deben­hams CVA was put for­ward on five grounds: Fu­ture rent is not a “debt” and so the land­lords are not cred­it­ors, such that the CVA can­not...
High Court awards landown­er an in­junc­tion against known and un­known "urbex­ers"
Along with pro­fes­sion­al squat­ting, protests and il­leg­al raves, urb­an ex­plor­a­tion, be­ing the ex­plor­a­tion of man-made struc­tures and tak­ing and shar­ing a pho­to­graph­ic re­cord of the same, is a grow­ing mod­ern...
Break op­tions: land­lords and ten­ants take note! 
Two de­cisions handed down in May 2018 have high­lighted how con­ten­tious a dis­pute about no­tices can be­come between a land­lord and ten­ant. Strict com­pli­ance with no­tice clause form­al­it­ies Rope­maker Prop­er­ties...
No­tices clause de­feats ten­ant’s at­tempt to ter­min­ate agree­ment for lease
In one of Mr Justice Fan­court’s first re­por­ted judg­ments, he de­term­ines ques­tions of valid­ity of no­tices and waiver of pre-con­di­tions, as set out in an agree­ment for lease. In the case, five no­tices...