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Breathe easy

How to prepare if your business is in an Air Quality Scheme Hotspot

Is your business situated in any of the hotspots where air quality schemes are proposed? If so, you may face a significant impact on access to your business for guests, staff and deliveries. Our guide below explains the potential risks and impacts and how you can prepare to de-risk the impacts.

What is an Air Quality Scheme?

Air quality is top of the political agenda in London. Research shows that pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and particulates are linked to a large number of deaths per year. The UK government (at both the central and local level) are under legal and political pressure to meet EU Air Quality Directive targets.

In London, the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund has been set up to provide funding to the London Boroughs to establish themselves as Low Emission Neighbourhoods (LENs). The Healthy Streets Approach framework was used to inform the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and also influences local authority and Transport for London (TfL) decision making. It aims to improve air quality, reduce congestion and make communities greener and more attractive places to live and work. Public consultations are also currently ongoing across the London Boroughs for the Local Implementation Plan for Transport. This will set the policy framework for transport initiatives and investments that address the outcomes in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy at a Borough level and identify specific schemes that will be brought forward in the next few years.

Breathe easy
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