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Highlights of our Experience in Risk & Investigations in the UK

  • A multi-national and rapidly growing technology company on establishing internal guidelines and controls to ensure that they did not breach sanctions and money-laundering rules.
  • Coordinating a review, overhaul and implementation of a global policy for a major international pharmaceutical company, covering anti-corruption and transparency policies in 30 jurisdictions globally.  
  • A large consumer products company on a regulatory competition investigation and subsequent competition compliance issues.
  • A global savings and investments business, helping it protect its competitive advantage by using the CMS Evidence tool to conduct a sophisticated data-search which identified an attempted theft of vital intellectual property.
  • An international bank on a US DoJ investigation into sanctions busting including the possibility of extradition of employees to US.
  • Advising a construction client on carrying out internal investigation relating to employee’s potential disclosure of confidential information whilst employee subject to on-going third party litigation.
  • Supporting an international pharmaceutical client in its response to internal investigation findings regarding inappropriate payments made to government officials in a CEE country and assessment of liability exposure for the company’s global senior management team.
  • A global communications company on a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of improper conduct in relation to the procurement and delivery of contracts via a joint venture with local councils to deliver outsourced services back to residents, as well as in structuring a major transaction to mitigate corruption risks.
  • A major financial institution on an internal investigation on the causes of accounting errors relating to the US GAAP accounting treatment of payments and receivables arising from factoring agreements over a number of years.
  • A UK headquartered media business on an internal investigation into, and money laundering issues arising from, anonymous whistleblower allegations concerning a major contract won by an overseas subsidiary.

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