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CMS Netherlands Helps Bring Disparate Worlds Together

Annual Review 2017-2018

June 2018

CMS and charitable foundation Nederland Cares have joined forces to sponsor various activities and carry out volunteer work.

Willem Hoorneman, Managing Partner of CMS Netherlands, said, “This fantastic partnership dovetails perfectly with our societal objectives. Both organisations wish to heighten young professionals’ social-mindedness. By joining forces with Nederland Cares, we can work proactively on behalf of vulnerable groups across the country, while simultaneously lending significant weight to our CSR policy.”

Nederland Cares supports volunteer work where encounters with people from vulnerable groups are pivotal. The volunteer work is very flexible, with activities opening doors to different worlds for the volunteers as well as the vulnerable groups. These encounters help broaden perspectives on both sides.

Karin Schadee, director of Nederland Cares, said, “Together [with CMS] we will work on fulfilling our mission: bringing disparate social worlds together, and creating a non-judgemental society. Our online calendar for flexible volunteer work and team activities assists young professionals in interacting with vulnerable groups that can benefit from extra support. A corporate service provider such as CMS is the ideal place to source volunteers who add immense value to our concept.”

In June 2018, in conjunction with Nederland Cares, hundreds of young professionals from a range of businesses including CMS, gave around 1,200 children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to engage in, and enjoy, various sports at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

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