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Legal issues and challenges look set to arise from the likely requirement for 5G (whether of passive, active or radio access elements) and the use of innovative infrastructure models with spectrum sharing or network slicing within the spectrum of one operator. With its global network of offices, CMS can provide local advice on the changes being made to legal frameworks in anticipation of the arrival of 5G.

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CMS Ex­pert Guide to 5G
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28 November 2019
5G ad­op­tion: Colom­bia’s con­nectiv­ity roadmap and in­vest­ment op­por­tun­it­ies
03 February 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to 5G reg­u­la­tion and law
5G: Across coun­tries, some tech­nic­al para­met­ers are com­mon; the same can­not be said for reg­u­la­tion. Find here a guide about the key 5G re­lated reg­u­lat­ory po­s­i­tions be­ing taken in 40 jur­is­dic­tions.
16 April 2020
Net­work re­si­li­ence and tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions as es­sen­tial ser­vice dur­ing Coronavir­us...
The way we be­have, act and in­ter­act with the world has been rad­ic­ally changed due to the im­pact of Coronavir­us (COV­ID-19). So­cial dis­tan­cing and strict in­struc­tions to “stay at home” have thrust the...
27 November 2019
CMS In­fra­struc­ture In­dex re­veals pos­it­ive trends in in­fra­struc­ture sec­tor
Frank­furt, 27 Novem­ber 2019. En­vir­on­ment­al, so­cial and gov­ernance (ESG) cri­ter­ia are be­com­ing a top pri­or­ity for in­fra­struc­ture in­vestors, ac­cord­ing to the 2019 CMS In­fra­struc­ture In­dex: Bridging Con­tin­ents.
27 March 2020
Hun­gary holds 5G auc­tion with Mag­yar Telekom, Tel­en­or and Voda­fone win­ning...
In a 5G auc­tion held in Hun­gary on 26 March 2020, Mag­yar Telekom, Voda­fone Hun­gary and Tel­en­or Hun­gary came out on top ac­quir­ing 15-year li­cences for spec­trum in the 700MHz, 2100Mz and 3600Mhz bands....
26 November 2019
Bridging Con­tin­ents - In­fra­struc­ture In­dex 2019
26 September 2019
Italy to­wards an ef­fect­ive Na­tion­al Cy­ber Se­cur­ity Strategy: new ob­lig­a­tions...
Fol­low­ing the trans­pos­i­tion of the NIS Dir­ect­ive (Le­gis­lat­ive De­cree no. 65 of May 18th, 2018), the Itali­an Gov­ern­ment has re­cently taken a fur­ther step to­wards the im­ple­ment­a­tion of a com­pre­hens­ive na­tion­al...
Feb 2019
Smart Mo­bil­ity
In­fra­struc­ture for our 'Con­nec­ted Fu­ture'
06 September 2019
5G-PDO: UK Gov­ern­ment con­sults on cuts to plan­ning red tape
As part of plans to sup­port the de­ploy­ment of 5G and ex­tend mo­bile cov­er­age to rur­al areas, the UK Gov­ern­ment has launched a 10 week con­sulta­tion on pro­pos­als to widen or cre­ate new per­mit­ted de­vel­op­ment...
02 September 2019
Di­git­al po­ten­tial for Scot­land
SFT (the Scot­tish Fu­tures Trust) have pub­lished (here) a re­port en­titled “Scot­land’s di­git­al po­ten­tial with en­hanced 4G and 5G cap­ab­il­ity”, pre­pared for them by De­loitte LLP. This is hot on the...
25 June 2019
Hun­gary an­nounces auc­tion for 5G fre­quen­cies
On 17 June 2019, the Na­tion­al Me­dia and In­focom­mu­nic­a­tions Au­thor­ity (NM­HH) pub­lished the draft doc­u­ment­a­tion on its web­site for the auc­tion of fre­quen­cies for wire­less broad­band ser­vices that sup­port...
22 May 2019
Ukraine to launch 5G in 2020
On 17 May 2019, the Pres­id­ent of Ukraine signed a de­cree launch­ing 5G tech­no­logy in the coun­try. Un­der this De­cree, the Ukrain­i­an gov­ern­ment and the tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions reg­u­lat­or, the Na­tion­al Com­mis­sion...