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Whistleblower Protection

Are you ready for whistleblowing law?

Welcome to the Whistleblower section on CMS Insight

The Whistleblower Protection Directive was approved by the EU Council on 7 October 2019.

The Directive was originally proposed by EU Green Party MEPs who believe that, had stronger whistleblower protection been in place, the VW emissions scandal might never have happened. The Directive therefore aims to encourage whistleblowing on all kinds of wrongdoing, corruption and immoral behaviour by corporations, including illegal mass surveillance and industrial-scale tax avoidance. 

How is your companies’ whistleblower infrastructure?

Companies have a lot of time to implement a suitable and effective whistleblower infrastructure:  National parliaments have two years to transpose the Directive into law. In various jurisdictions outside the EU there are similar regulations, while others are currently developing them. 

How we can help?

The purpose of this Whistleblower Insight section is to draw companies’ attention to the EU Directive and similar regulations outside the EU, and to inform you via CMS publications, events and trainings on this important piece of legislation. 

We can help you by showing, among other things: 

  • how to put an internal whistleblower system in place 
  • set up a process for handling notices and investigations 
  • make sure that data protection regulations are observed in the process 
  • develop a communication strategy


Would you like any assistance with ensuring that your company successfully complies with these regulations, please contact us via our key contacts on the page.

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