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Contract Alliancing in Construction


These are historic times: the rapid spread of COVID-19 is shaking economies worldwide, restrictions have been imposed on social life and industries are switching to crisis mode – all of which have far-reaching consequences. Despite the introduction of roadmaps and Government initiatives to guide industry and economies out of lockdown, how confident can we be that these will work?

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Case studies and country snapshots

In the countries contributing to this publication, alliancing is at varying stages of development and adoption. In some countries, alliancing or co-operative contracts of some form are being used and in others, it is not a concept which is well recognised. There is no country where alliancing is significantly developed and adopted in the construction industry but there are many examples of individual projects where this is being used or employers who are taking the lead in using this form of contracting.

What follows are three specific country case studies where alliancing has been more readily used (Australia, Austria and Finland) as well as a snapshot of the experience in a number of other countries.

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