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Portrait ofRachida Charifi

Rachida Charifi

Conseil juridique senior - Head of corporate

CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal
Immeuble B – Résidence le Yacht
63 Boulevard de la Corniche
Casablanca 20250
Languages Arabic, French, English

Rachida CHARIFI Joined CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc in 2007. She is now the head of the Corporate law department.

She assists the clients in the implementation of investment projects and day to day, and also in the framework of exchanges with Moroccan authorities.

The clients are generally, international Groups that Rachida advises in the framework of their implantation in Morocco.

Her experience of twenty years in Corporate Law permits him to advise clients on different issues throughout companies’ life:

  • Handling corporate law aspects: providing legal advice, technical memorandums/ setting up new entities- merger, spin-off… :
  • Due diligence regarding the acquisition project by foreign companies of Moroccan companies;
  • Holding of the para-legal keeping of the companies (, annual approval, operations on capital, transfer of head offices shares assignments, shareholders agreements, debts assignments, shareholders loan agreements)
  • Intellectual property assistance (trademark and patent deposit).
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  • Droit des sociétés au Maroc : « Les avantages du recours au régime des scissions selon CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre », L’Usine Nouvelle Maroc, co-auteur avec Marc VEUILLOT (May 2015)
  • Droit des sociétés : « Statut renouvelé des sociétés anonymes, l’analyse des experts de CMS Francis Lefebvre », L’Usine Maroc, co-auteur avec Marc VEUILLOT (Janvier 2016)
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  • 2011- Master 2 in Project Management (with distinction) from the University of the UAE - Lille (France)
  • 1998- Licence degree in Business Law (with distinction) from the University Hassan II - Casablanca
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