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The Corporate area has a large experience in the legal advice and assistance to companies, carrying out the strategic follow-up of same within the ambit of decisions taking critical to the success of these companies.

In the course of our activity we have been assisting national and international companies with their most relevant growth operations, our clients benefiting from expert lawyers with a wide track record in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and corporate finance.

We assist both domestic and cross-border transactions, with multidisciplinary teams at the service of our clients, with abilities in the most relevant Pan-European jurisdictions.

Our team is involved in all issues connected with Corporate Law and transactions, notably:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Investments
  • Private Equity (LBOs, MBOs and MBIs)
  • Companies Restructuring (Reorganisations, Division of Companies and Dissolutions)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Corporate Governance
  • Privatisations
  • Due diligence processes prior to the acquisition or merger of companies and corporate groups
  • Restructuring and Reorganisations of National and International Groups
  • Our corporate team has been providing advice and legal assistance to a rather diversified set of national and international clients (banks, credit institutions, private equity and venture capital and corporate groups) and has been involved in different types of transactions in multiple activity sectors well known to the team.


Band 2: "The team is experienced, technically very knowledgeable and has proven the ability to anticipate and deal with critical issues during and after transactions".
Chambers & Partners 2017
Tier 2: "The very professional and available" team at CMS is jointly headed by João Caldeira and Francisco Xavier de Almeida.
Legal 500 2017
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10 May 2021
Vi­ol­a­tion of mer­ger con­trol pro­ced­ur­al rules: European Com­mis­sion fines...
On 3 May 2021, the European Com­mis­sion fined chem­ic­al maker Sigma-Ald­rich EUR 7.5 mil­lion for provid­ing mis­lead­ing in­form­a­tion dur­ing mer­ger con­trol pro­ceed­ings for Sigma-Ald­rich’s takeover by rival...
04 May 2021
With Il­lu­mina ac­tion, court to test EU Com­mis­sion's new mer­ger re­fer­ral...
On 29 April 2021, the US life sci­ences com­pany Il­lu­mina con­firmed that it filed an ac­tion be­fore the EU courts ask­ing for an an­nul­ment of the European Com­mis­sion’s de­cision of 19 April 2021 to ac­cept...
30 April 2021
Meet the Law
Pay­ment and elec­tron­ic cur­rency in­sti­tu­tion­sOn 9 April 2021, it was pub­lished Bank of Por­tugal No­tice no. 2/2021 (No­tice 2/2021), which sets out the reg­u­lat­ory frame­work ap­plic­able to the activ­ity of...
01 April 2021
Meet the Law - COV­ID-19 ex­cep­tion­al and tem­por­ary meas­ures
In ac­cord­ance with De­cree-Law no.22-A/2021, March 17th, in force since 18 March:-  Gen­er­al meet­ings of com­mer­cial com­pan­ies, as­so­ci­ations or co­oper­at­ives, which must be held due to leg­al or stat­utory...
09 March 2021
New com­pet­i­tion tools for di­git­al mar­kets – Ger­man com­pet­i­tion law vs....
After the new Ger­man com­pet­i­tion law came in­to ef­fect in Janu­ary 2021, ma­jor di­git­al plat­forms are now af­fected by art­icle 19a of the Ger­man Com­pet­i­tion Act. Un­der art­icle 19a, the Ger­man com­pet­i­tion...
05 March 2021
Meet the Law - Wind and Sol­ar Power Sta­tions – Prop­erty Tax
The Por­tuguese Tax Au­thor­it­ies (“PTA”) have is­sued a new un­der­stand­ing – Cir­cu­lar no. 2/2021 of March 3, 2021 – re­gard­ing the con­tro­ver­sial is­sue of Prop­erty Tax on wind and sol­ar power sta­tions...
17 February 2021
Meet the Law - In­sur­ance and re­in­sur­ance dis­tri­bu­tion
On Janu­ary 26, 2021 the Reg­u­lat­ory Stand­ard of the In­sur­ance and Pen­sion Funds Su­per­vi­sion Au­thor­ity No. 13/2020-R was pub­lished (“Reg­u­lat­ory Stand­ard”), which reg­u­lates the leg­al re­gime of in­sur­ance...
09 February 2021
BAT con­clu­sions for large com­bus­tion plants an­nulled – What next?
On 27 Janu­ary 2021 the Gen­er­al Court of the European Uni­on de­clared the so-called BAT con­clu­sions for large com­bus­tion plants an­nulled. It is worth con­sid­er­ing what this rul­ing really means and what it...
02 February 2021
EC Con­sulta­tion on sus­tain­able cor­por­ate gov­ernance: dead­line ap­proach­ing
Key ac­tion point On 26 Oc­to­ber 2020, the European Com­mis­sion launched its pub­lic con­sulta­tion on sus­tain­able cor­por­ate gov­ernance (Con­sulta­tion). The Con­sulta­tion closes on 8 Feb­ru­ary 2021 and we would...
19 January 2021
The trans­par­ency re­gister in the 4th AML dir­ect­ive in Por­tugal
1. What is the cur­rent leg­al basis of the Trans­par­ency Re­gister? To what ex­tent has the Dir­ect­ive been im­ple­men­ted? The Dir­ect­ive was im­ple­men­ted re­cently by means of Law 58/2020, which came in­to force...
13 January 2021
EU­'s Por­tuguese pres­id­ency re­leases new draft of ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion
On 5 Janu­ary 2021, the Coun­cil of the EU – with Por­tugal serving as the Pres­id­ent-in-Of­fice – re­leased a new draft ver­sion of the ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion, which is meant to re­place the ePri­vacy Dir­ect­ive...
06 January 2021
Meet the Law - Amend­ment of the ex­cep­tion­al and tem­por­ary meas­ures con­cern­ing...
On 29 Septem­ber 2020, De­cree-Law 78-A/2020 amend­ing the ex­cep­tion­al and tem­por­ary meas­ures re­lat­ing to the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic was pub­lished. As a res­ult, De­cree-Law No. 10-J/2020 of 26 March, which es­tab­lishes...