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20 February 2019
CMS Sup­ports lifesight in be­com­ing the first au­thor­ised...
26 Feb 19
AI in Con­sumer & Re­tail roundtable (Manchester)
ASA pub­lishes new guid­ance to pro­tect chil­dren from ir­re­spons­ible...
On 13 Feb­ru­ary 2019 the Ad­vert­ising Stand­ards Au­thor­ity ("ASA") pub­lished new stand­ards which aim to pro­tect chil­dren and young people from ir­re­spons­ible gambling ads. The new guid­ance will come in­to force on 1 April 2019, and is in­ten­ded to help mar­keters.
19 February 2019
CMS ad­vises DV4 Lim­ited and man­age­ment on £370m lo­gist­ics...
26 Feb 19
Top Tech pre­dic­tions 2019
Brexit im­mig­ra­tion up­date: Gov­ern­ment out­lines its plans for EU cit­izens...
On 28 Janu­ary 2019 Home Sec­ret­ary Sajid Javid out­lined the pro­vi­sions the gov­ern­ment will put in­to place for EU cit­izens who ar­rive in the UK after Brexit in the event of ‘no deal’. Fol­low­ing our re­cent Law Now up­dates on the em­ploy­ment and busi­ness im­mig­ra­tion.
February 2019
High­lights of our ex­per­i­ence in Gyms
Ho­tels & Leis­ure
27 Feb 19
Con­struc­tion Fo­cus (Glas­gow)
ASA snap­shot – ASA de­cisions pub­lished in Janu­ary 2019
Sum­mary of in­ter­est­ing ASA rul­ings pub­lished in Janu­ary This sum­mary provides a se­lec­tion of the most in­ter­est­ing ASA rul­ings pub­lished in Janu­ary 2019 and high­lights the key is­sues con­sidered in those rul­ings.