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Alex Denslow
March 2019
In­sur­ance In­sights
27 Mar 19
It's a wrap: the end of plastic pack­aging as we know...
Mass Equal Pay Claims – Are You Next?
Around 30,000 shop floor work­ers have cleared the latest hurdle in their equal pay chal­lenge against their su­per­mar­ket em­ploy­er, as a res­ult of the Court of Ap­peal’s de­cision in ASDA v Bri­er­ley. The case is spear­head­ing a wave of equal pay claims against su­per­mar­ket.
CMS Hong Kong awar­ded 'New Asi­an Of­fice of the Year'
27 Mar 19
FS Break­fast Sem­in­ar: Cur­rent reg­u­lat­ory de­vel­op­ments...
They’ll be watch­ing you: High Court finds that Tate vis­it­ors are not...
No Pri­vacy, No nuis­ance A claim un­der the Hu­man Rights Act 1988 (‘HRA 1988’) and in nuis­ance was brought by five flat own­ers against the Tate Mod­ern for in­va­sion of pri­vacy in their homes. The claimants owned newly de­veloped flats with large glass win­dows.
21 March 2019
Young Pro­fes­sion­als in Is­lam­ic Fin­ance For­um: In­dustry...
27 Mar 19
Risk Es­sen­tials We­bin­ar: Com­mer­cial con­tracts: what...
Pav­ing on open land can be enough for ad­verse pos­ses­sion
In a re­cent judg­ment, the Court of Ap­peal (the “CA”) cla­ri­fied the law about what it means to es­tab­lish fac­tu­al pos­ses­sion of an­oth­er’s land in the con­text of ad­verse pos­ses­sion claims (Shir­ley Ann Thorpe v.