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CMS ad­vises Afin­um on ma­jor­ity stake in LISTAN
Afin­um Achte Beteili­gungs­gesell­schaft mbH & Co. KG has ac­quired a ma­jor­ity stake in the Listan Group. The ac­quis­i­tion was ad­vised on jointly by Dr Her­mann...
21 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Dis­missals
The aim of this guide is to ex­plain ex­ist­ing sys­tems of com­pens­a­tion for fair and un­fair dis­missal in vari­ous jur­is­dic­tions in EU, LATAM and Asia
24 September 2020
Green and Sus­tain­able Fin­ance
Sus­tain­able in­vest­ing is no longer a niche area - it is go­ing main­stream and es­pe­cially the is­su­ance of green bonds has grown at a rap­id pace in re­cent years, and this trend is show­ing no signs of slow­ing. "Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Linked Loans", where the fin­an­cin
21 September 2020
MESSI vs. MASSI – Li­onel takes three points be­fore the CJEU
On Thursday 17 Septem­ber 2020 the Court of Justice of the European Uni­on handed down its judg­ment in a trade mark dis­pute dat­ing back to 2011 in­volving Li­onel Messi, the icon­ic FC Bar­celona foot­baller,...
CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on ac­quis­i­tion of com­pressor man­u­fac­turer Bock
NORD Hold­ing has ac­quired all the shares in the Bock Group. An in­ter­na­tion­al CMS team headed by lead part­ner Klaus Jäger ad­vised NORD Hold­ing on all leg­al as...
08 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Hy­dro­gen
28 September 2020
We­bin­ar: Bridges and Walls: How can Ger­man Com­pan­ies Send Em­ploy­ees to...
Op­er­a­tions are glob­al and so is the work­force in our mod­ern world. From me­di­um-sized en­ter­prises to mul­tina­tion­al cor­por­a­tions, Ger­man com­pan­ies op­er­at­ing in the United States used to fre­quently send their Ger­man em­ploy­ees to work at their U.S. op­er­a­tions
18 September 2020
How will in­valid­ity of the Pri­vacy Shield and new rules for Stand­ard Con­trac­tu­al...
In a re­cent rul­ing, the EU Court of Justice struck down the EU-US Pri­vacy Shield and, though it ruled that stand­ard con­trac­tu­al clauses re­main val­id for trans­fers of per­son­al data out­side the EEA, in­ter­preted...
September 2020
CMS European Out­look 2020
Who dares wins: European M&A 2020
01 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to re­struc­tur­ing and in­solv­ency law
Are you look­ing for in­form­a­tion on re­struc­tur­ing and in­solv­ency law? This CMS Ex­pert Guide provides you with everything you need to know.
17 September 2020
EU Com­mis­sion launches in­quiry in­to IoT sec­tor, dawn raids ex­pec­ted
On 16 Ju­ly 2020, the European Com­mis­sion launched an an­ti­trust in­quiry in­to the In­ter­net of Things (IoT) sec­tor, look­ing at con­sumer-ori­ented products and ser­vices with a spe­cial fo­cus on wear­able devices...
London, 22 September 2020
Who dares wins: European M&A Out­look 2020
European deal­mak­ing down­cast, but dis­tressed op­por­tun­it­ies emer­ging