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Purchasing and Procurement Lawyers

Global solutions tailored to your specific needs

Purchasing and procurement are becoming increasingly important functions in many organisations both nationally and internationally due to the globalisation of markets. Our advice on purchasing and procurement issues combines precise knowledge of each country-specific jurisdiction with in-depth industry expertise.

Our tailored solutions for purchasing and procurement range from complex structured quality assurance and design responsibility agreements to purchasing and centralised settlement arrangements. These services reflect and address the trend in purchasing and procurement towards ever higher quality at ever lower prices.

Service portfolio

  • General terms & conditions of purchase
  • Framework purchasing agreements
  • Buying group models
  • Warranty agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Agreements for the procurement of capital goods
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Agreements covering assembly and repair work
  • Toll manufacturing/contract manufacturing agreements
  • OEM agreements
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Picture of Philipp Senff
Philipp Senff
Head of Compliance, CMS China
China, Shanghai
Philipp is recognised as leading corporate, compliance and risk management lawyer with over 15 years’ of China-related legal work and business experience. He has extensive experience in advising multinational...
Peter Endres
Germany, Munich
With deep insight and expertise, Peter Endres advises his clients on all legal aspects of procurement, production and distribution and also represents them in court in this field. His distribution...
Jan Spee
Jan Graf von Spee
Germany, Hamburg
Jan Graf von Spee is a corporate partner with long-standing experience advising limited liability companies (German GmbH) and partnerships on joint ventures and international commercial, distribution...
Harald W Potinecke
Dr. Harald W Potinecke
Rechtsanwalt | Head Compliance & Forensic Services, CMS Germany
Germany, Munich
Harald W. Potinecke advises companies on product liability and compliance, in particular in the context of introducing and implementing compliance management systems, which also includes implementing...
Robert Budde
Dr. Robert Budde
Germany, Cologne
Robert Budde is a commercial law expert, advising companies on their agency and distribution arrangements as well as on related German and EU competition law issues. He specialises in implementing...
Dietmar Rahlmeyer
Dr. Dietmar Rahlmeyer
Germany, Duesseldorf
Dietmar Rahlmeyer‘s practice concentrates on antitrust, compliance and commercial law matters. He has long-standing experience advising his clients on and representing them in cartel fine proceedings...
Lars Eckhoff
Lars Eckhoff, LL.M. (Victoria University of Wellington)
Germany, Cologne
Lars Eckhoff advises companies on all legal aspects of their operational activities, including production, purchasing and distribution of goods. He drafts distribution and supply agreements as well...
Ulrich Becker
Dr. Ulrich Becker
Germany, Frankfurt
Ulrich Becker comprehensively advises his clients in private and commercial law, especially in the operationally relevant areas of purchase/procurement and sales activities, for example drafting...
Axel Funk
Dr. Axel Funk
Germany, Stuttgart
Axel Funk is an expert when it comes to drafting and negotiating contracts, in particular in the context of special projects and outsourcing transactions. He also advises on all aspects of software...
Andreas Heim
Dr. Andreas Heim
Germany, Munich
Andreas Heim regularly advises clients on all aspects of commercial contracts and commercial litigation across a wide range of industry sectors including the automotive, consumer goods, child safety,...