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Data Protection Law & IT Security Law

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  • Advice on data protection-compliant structuring of all business models and internal/external processes which involve personal data of customers, employees or other third parties
  • Design, preparation and negotiation of data protection and compliance strategies at group, corporate, departmental or process level (including possible collective employment law aspects, where we bring in colleagues who specialise in the field)
  • Advice on the technical aspects of system data protection and on related legal issues in connection with the acquisition, creation, use and analysis of information
  • Dealing with data protection regulators and representation before these public bodies
  • Appropriate intervention in the event of a crisis involving actual or alleged data protection violations within the company


For us, data protection law is not just a “fashionable” new area of law. We have long practical experience of advising and representing German and international clients across a wide range of industries. Our approach combines strong legal specialisation with expertise in sector and application-specific requirements and concepts that has been gained through our work. We provide support and advice on structuring business models in compliance with data protection regulations, enabling such models to be implemented in an environment where privacy and personal rights are becoming increasingly sensitive issues.


Kanzleimonitor 2016, 2017

CMS Hasche Sigle also put strong emphasis on this area by building up data protection expertise at every office.

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