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German-Italian Group

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Germany and Italy are linked by many and varied ties. Germany is by far Italy’s most important trading partner, accounting for 12% of Italian imports and just over 16% of Italy’s exports. Italy is in turn Germany’s fifth most important trading partner. Total bilateral trade amounted to EUR 125.2 billion in 2019. German direct investment in Italy totalled EUR 41.6 billion in 2017.

These figures reflect countless individual supply relationships, services and cross-border transactions, which all need to be actively managed and legally compliant.

Legal advisors for German-Italian business

At CMS, we established the German-Italian Group to offer the best possible advice to companies doing business between the two countries. The idea is to offer trading partners, investors, companies with branches in the other country and companies aiming to expand precisely the support they need for their business. All without them having to consider issues such as which national legal system to use.

German-Italian Group service portfolio

The German-Italian Group at CMS provides advice across the full range of national and international commercial law. As a client, you have access to the expertise of highly specialised lawyers in all relevant areas of law. This breadth allows us to assemble teams that are tailored to the specific project and the needs of your company. By delivering integrated cross-border legal and business advice, we make it easier for you to operate in the other country.

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The German-Italian Group team

The CMS German-Italian Group consists of bilingual lawyers and tax advisors from partner firms CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany) and CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni (Italy). The large number of successful projects we have jointly handled over the years demonstrates that our own German-Italian collaboration works extremely well, delivering real benefits for our clients.

The lawyers in our German-Italian Group advise German companies that have commercial contacts in Italy or intend to invest in Italy, as well as Italian firms doing business in Germany. A particular advantage is that communication, including vital correspondence, is conducted in the client’s native language. This offers maximum convenience and also ensures that specific cultural aspects which could have a significant impact on the outcome are respected.

Well connected and recognised by local institutions

In addition to in-depth legal knowledge, the lawyers in the German-Italian Group have excellent contacts to local agencies and institutions. We see our role as extending beyond pure legal and tax advice to opening doors and building bridges for our clients.

Depending on the requirements of the specific instruction, we assemble interdisciplinary and transnational teams headed by a German or Italian partner who is also your dedicated contact person.

As one of the world’s largest commercial law firms, CMS is notable for in-depth industry knowledge. This enables us to perform particularly well in an ongoing advisory capacity and also in the context of complex project and transaction structures. We understand the market and the specifics of the individual sectors, including the following areas:

Trust and security are crucially important for long-term investment in a partner country. The CMS German-Italian Group builds solid bridges for both sides that minimise the risks and maximise the potential. Not least because we appreciate the value of excellent bilateral economic ties in our own business.


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