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Group France-Allemagne

in Germany

The CMS Franco-German Workgroup: the best lawyers and tax advisers for German companies in France

The economic ties between Germany and France are traditionally close and extensive. Germany is France's biggest trading partner, while Germany exports even more to its neighbour than it imports.

Germany is currently the fifth-largest foreign investor in the Grande Nation. A total of 2,700 companies have a branch in France and the number continues to rise. France is the fourth-largest investor country in Germany.

A large number of alliances exist between companies in the two countries.

Integrated cross-border legal advice from a single source

Lawyers and tax advisers from partner firms CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany) and CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (France) work together within the Franco-German Workgroup. Based on the client's specific requirements, mixed teams are assembled under the leadership of a fixed contact person.

This enables the Franco-German Workgroup to offer integrated transnational advisory services covering all legal and tax areas required for conducting cross-border business.

Our clients benefit from our understanding of the economic, cultural and legal environment and of the markets in France and Germany. We have access to an extensive network of top-class contacts in the business world and public administration.

Precision work: our track record

Our advice covers the full breadth of national and international commercial law.

The Franco-German Workgroup's clients come from a wide range of industrial and service sectors:

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