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Gender Pay Equality

Designed to help your organisation tackle the complexities of analysing and measuring your gender pay gap, these pages offer a wide variety of guidance, resources and practical tips.

April 2022 marks the fifth year of gender pay gap reporting in the UK, and for most employers progress in reducing the gap remains slow. The ONS reported in October 2021 that the gender pay gap in the UK had increased to 15.4%, although the figures were affected by the pandemic. We may also see longer term pandemic-related consequences. Organisations who put in place hybrid arrangements should be monitoring how their new ways of working affect gender equality and pay. We discuss our thoughts on the pandemic and the gender pay gap in our article, The gender pay gap in a COVID-19 world – are we falling back on old habits? 

To find out more about the gender pay gap and steps that can be taken to reduce it please see our international Law-Now, Gender pay: What’s needed to make equality a reality?  

And if you are looking beyond pay gap reporting on gender alone read our article on ethnicity pay gap reporting here: What does the future hold for ethnicity pay gap reporting? 


Mind the gap: making equal pay a reality 21 September 2021

To mark this event, we hosted an international webinar where CMS and guest speakers explored the global issue of equal pay and what organisations need to do to make pay inequality a thing of the past. 


5 Golden Rules for Gender Pay Gap Re­port­ing


Six month sus­pen­sion to the en­force­ment of gender pay gap re­port­ing
The EHRC re­cently an­nounced that em­ploy­ers have a six month ex­ten­sion to re­port their gender pay gap (GPG) for last year’s snap­shot date. The nor­mal GPG re­port­ing dead­line each year is 4 April, but...
Mass Equal Pay Claims – Are You Next?
Around 30,000 shop floor work­ers have cleared the latest hurdle in their equal pay chal­lenge against their su­per­mar­ket em­ploy­er, as a res­ult of the Court of Ap­peal’s de­cision in ASDA v Bri­er­ley. The...
Mar­gin­al gains could be the key to gender pay
This art­icle first ap­peared in People Man­age­ment, 21 March 2019Re­du­cing a gender pay gap is not easy, but as Val Dou­gan ex­plains, ad­opt­ing a little-by-little ap­proach could sig­ni­fic­antly im­prove out­comes.The...
5 Golden Rules for Gender Pay Gap Re­port­ing:
This video provides ex­pert views on:The move to­wards pay trans­par­ency­Ways in which or­gan­isa­tions can re­duce their gender pay ga­pHow to frame the gender pay gap re­port
Gender Pay: trends and some golden rules!
The con­tent of the second set of gender pay gap fig­ures in­ev­it­ably re­quires dif­fer­ent con­sid­er­a­tions than the first year of re­port­ing, es­pe­cially if an or­gan­isa­tion is ac­know­ledging that their pay gap...
Year 2 Gender Pay Gap Re­port­ing – Guid­ance to get you over the line
It’s not long un­til 4 April 2019, the dead­line for private sec­tor year 2 gender pay gap (GPG) re­ports to be sub­mit­ted. Last year, ac­cord­ing to Pay­Gaps.com, 87% of or­gan­isa­tions sub­mit­ted their GPG re­port...
Gender pay gap solu­tions
This we­bin­ar talks aboutIdenti­fy­ing the causes of the gender pay ga­pUn­der­stand­ing solu­tion­s­Hear­ing about the Vir­gin Money ap­proach to gender pay
Clos­ing the gap - what works?
Ef­fect­ive in­ter­ven­tions to close the gender pay gap were the sub­ject of two re­cent gov­ern­ment pub­lic­a­tions. The first, an evid­enced based guide for em­ploy­ers pro­duced by the Equal­it­ies Of­fice, eval­u­ates...
Gender and Pay - the In­ter­na­tion­al Per­spect­ive
In this edi­tion of On Your Radar we fo­cus on gender and pay across a range of jur­is­dic­tions, as we see how dif­fer­ent coun­tries are tack­ling their gender pay gap.Em­ploy­ing staff across bor­ders re­quires...
Bey­ond the gap: some quick wins?
Now that the first cycle of gender pay gap re­ports have been pub­lished, at­ten­tion will in­ev­it­ably shift to the con­tent of the year 2 fig­ures, and cru­cially wheth­er the fig­ure will have re­duced.Many or­gan­isa­tions...
Gender Pay Gap re­port­ing - sec­tor ana­lys­is by CMS
On 27 March 2018 we pub­lished our in­ter­im sec­tor ana­lys­is of the 2,000 or so em­ploy­ers that had, so far, re­por­ted on their gender pay gap. Now that the re­port­ing dead­line has passed and over 10,000 em­ploy­ers...
Re­port in­to gender pay gap
Could busi­ness need drive change in or­gan­isa­tions in­stead of gov­ern­ment in­ter­ven­tions? The House of Com­mons’ wo­men and equal­it­ies com­mit­tee has pro­duced a damning re­port on the gov­ern­ment’s meas­ures...