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Sukhi Kaler

Sukhi Kaler


CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Languages English

Sukhi is a Partner in our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team.

Sukhi specialises in both domestic and international commercial litigation including cross-border disputes and enforcement. She covers the entire litigation process, from pre-action advice through to trial and appeals (including to the Supreme Court). She advises on a wide range of disputes in a number of industries spanning from pharmaceuticals to aviation.

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"The driving force of the team. Efficient organisational skills, day to day. She has an incredible and unfailing memory of the file."

Chambers Confidential Report 2012

"She pretty much runs the show."

Chambers Confidential Report 2011

Relevant experience

  • Kuwait Airways Corporation: Acting on behalf of Kuwait Airways in connection with a complex series of Commercial Court actions and associated appeals arising out of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. This included claims against both State-owned Iraqi Airways and the Republic of Iraq, advising on State immunity and Act of State issues, world-wide freezing orders, sanctions, fraud, forgery and perjury and securing judgments in excess of US$1 billion. Cross-border enforcement involved consideration of UNSC Regulation 1483 and Bank of England licence requirements and an application joining Iraq as funder. Cross-border enforcement included joining three Iraqi Ministries and two Iraqi state-owned banks, addressing issues of public international law, English, Iraqi and French public and company law, and piercing the corporate veil.
  • A company on a claim for wrongful interference of contractual rights in the energy industry (over US$300m).  
  • A corporate investor on a multi-million dollar cross-border dispute in the telecoms industry between Kuwait and Iraq.
  • A high net-worth individual, defending a substantial Commercial Court claim (US$75m) in fraud, conspiracy and deceit.
  • A Fortune 500 entity on a multi-million dollar claim in respect of an aircraft sale and purchase agreement including a stakeholder application.
  • UK subsidiary of the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services on a contractual dispute with a sub-contractor.
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  • Keele University
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23 November 2020
In­dia in­tro­duces man­dat­ory stay on en­force­ment of do­mest­ic ar­bit­ral awards...
Over­view On 4 Novem­ber 2020 the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia is­sued the Ar­bit­ra­tion and Con­cili­ation (Amend­ment) Or­din­ance 2020 (the “Or­din­ance Amend­ment”) - modi­fy­ing by im­me­di­ate ef­fect In­dia’s Ar­bit­ra­tion...
09 October 2020
No lit­ig­a­tion priv­ilege for con­sult­ants’ ad­vice on tax struc­ture des­pite...
The High Court has held that three re­ports pre­pared by a com­pany’s tax con­sult­ants to en­able it to struc­ture its on­line sales in a man­ner that would be less vul­ner­able to en­force­ment ac­tion by the tax...
06 October 2020
Dis­putes 101: Jur­is­dic­tion and Choice of Law
It is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly es­sen­tial for in-house law­yers and non-law­yers at all levels to have an un­der­stand­ing of the dis­putes pro­cess.  Our new Dis­putes 101 we­bin­ar series will cov­er fun­da­ment­al...
20 February 2020
No­tices to pro­duce doc­u­ments to an ad­viser’s reg­u­lat­or: Court of Ap­peal...
The Court of Ap­peal has over­turned a de­cision by the High Court that re­quired a cli­ent to pro­duce priv­ileged doc­u­ments to a reg­u­lat­or in­vest­ig­at­ing the cli­ent’s aud­it­or un­der Sched­ule 2 of the Stat­utory...
18 February 2020
Court re­jects re­quest for “train of en­quiry” dis­clos­ure and or­ders new...
In what is be­lieved to be the first re­por­ted de­cision on a re­quest for “Mod­el E” dis­clos­ure un­der the on­go­ing Dis­clos­ure Pi­lot Scheme (the “Pi­lot”) in the Busi­ness and Prop­erty Courts of Eng­land...
02 November 2018
In­dia: Su­preme Court guid­ance on in­terest in in­ter­na­tion­al com­mer­cial ar­bit­ra­tions
In a re­cent judg­ment, the In­di­an Su­preme Court has provided guid­ance on the award of in­terest in in­ter­na­tion­al com­mer­cial ar­bit­ra­tions. In Ved­anta Lim­ited v Shen­zen Shan­dong Nuc­le­ar Power Con­struc­tion...
08 October 2018
UK will not uni­lat­er­ally ob­serve EU civil ju­di­cial co­oper­a­tion re­gimes...
The UK Gov­ern­ment has cla­ri­fied that it will not uni­lat­er­ally con­tin­ue to ap­ply ex­ist­ing EU civil ju­di­cial co­oper­a­tion ar­range­ments if re­ci­pro­city can­not be agreed as part of a with­draw­al agree­ment. Rather...
26 September 2018
In­dia: strict con­trac­tu­al en­force­ment – a ne­ces­sity, not a lux­ury
Spe­cif­ic or sub­sti­tuted per­form­ance As with Eng­lish law, spe­cif­ic per­form­ance of con­tracts in In­dia had been re­served as a dis­cre­tion­ary rem­edy that could be gran­ted by the court to com­pel a party to...
17 September 2018
Re­quire­ment to pro­duce doc­u­ments to an ad­viser’s reg­u­lat­or does not in­fringe...
The High Court has re­cently heard the first ap­plic­a­tion by the Fin­an­cial Re­port­ing Coun­cil (FRC) to re­quire a cli­ent to pro­duce doc­u­ments in con­nec­tion with an in­vest­ig­a­tion in­to its aud­it­ors un­der Sched­ule...
22 August 2018
In­dia: A fur­ther re­vamp of ar­bit­ra­tion - for bet­ter or worse?
In yet a fur­ther drive to sup­port In­di­a's am­bi­tion to be­come a hub for both do­mest­ic and in­ter­na­tion­al com­mer­cial ar­bit­ra­tion, the Ar­bit­ra­tion and Con­cili­ation (Amend­ment) Bill 2018 (2018 Bill) is mak­ing...
01 August 2018
Com­mer­cial Court sets out prin­ciples for de­term­in­ing where a debt is situ­ated
The Com­mer­cial Court held that it did not have jur­is­dic­tion to make a third-party debt or­der (TP­DO) where the debt in ques­tion was situ­ated in a coun­try whose courts would not re­cog­nise com­pli­ance with...