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Whether you are in the public sector, a utility, energy company, investor or contractor, we act for participants worldwide across the energy industries and mining sector.

It is impossible to craft engineering contracts or resolve disputes that arise (whether domestic or international) without a holistic understanding of the various sectors, the multitude of industry form agreements that are on offer and the myriad of intricate dispute resolution options, procedures and rules that are available.

A core part of our global Energy & Climate Change team with a remarkable depth of resources in multiple jurisdictions and practice areas, we understand our clients’ businesses; the challenges they face, including fluctuating market conditions, regulatory uncertainty, governmental investigations and continuous advances in conventional, renewable and clean energy technologies, as well as the specific risks that are inherent in all energy and mining projects.

Our Energy & Mining Team has particular expertise in contract procurement and execution and in the arena of dispute avoidance, management and resolution (both domestic and internal) in the fields of mining, power (examples include power stations, dam projects and all types of plants), oil and gas (examples include LNG terminals and facilities, FPSOs and pipelines), renewable energy (examples include biomass projects), energy from waste, and the construction and installation of pipelines and sub-sea cables.

Market sources say: "The team as a whole are impressive. They cover every specialism that we need to achieve our goals and work together to provide a sector-based approach."

Chambers 2019

"The mining team at CMS has a combination of a deep understanding of the mineral and waste management sector, specialist legal skills, and a solution-oriented approach."

Legal 500, 2020
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Re­ad­just­ing Risks: CMS In­ter­na­tion­al Con­struc­tion Sur­vey 2021
In­tro­duc­tion The COV­ID-19 crisis is an ex­treme ex­ample of the many un­ex­pec­ted in­cid­ents that im­pact con­struc­tion pro­jects, res­ult­ing in heightened ten­sions and dis­putes amongst stake­hold­ers. The pan­dem­ic has ac­cen­tu­ated many of the typ­ic­al fric­tions that oc­cur in the con­struc­tion in­dustry, as well as high­light new chal­lenges. No mat­ter how ex­per­i­enced or as­tute the parties to a pro­ject are, when ne­go­ti­at­ing and con­clud­ing con­tracts, there is al­ways the po­ten­tial for an un­fore­seen event to cause ma­jor dis­rup­tion, res­ult­ing in com­mer­cial pres­sures and fin­an­cial losses.Re­ad­just­ing Risks, the latest CMS In­ter­na­tion­al Con­struc­tion Sur­vey for 2021, is avail­able to down­load now. This year's re­port ex­amined more than 50 re­sponses from seni­or mem­bers of the in­dustry and con­duc­ted in­ter­views with lead­ing fig­ures that have key re­spons­ib­il­it­ies for con­struc­tion con­tracts, pro­jects and the res­ol­u­tion of dis­putes. The sur­vey drew in re­sponses from across the world, es­pe­cially Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Lat­in Amer­ica.    The re­port show­cases the primary trends in the mar­ket, from the in­creas­ing en­thu­si­asm for ar­bit­ra­tion as a pre­ferred form of dis­pute res­ol­u­tion, along with mount­ing pref­er­ences for me­di­ation and oth­er forms of al­tern­at­ive dis­pute res­ol­u­tion (ADR), to in­dustry-wide re­cog­ni­tion that keep­ing bet­ter re­cords and man­aging change more ef­fect­ively are vi­tal to min­im­ising ten­sions and po­ten­tial dis­putes. It also re­views the ad­di­tion­al strain of COV­ID-19 on the in­dustry.
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CMS UK launches Brexit check­lists
With only a month to go un­til the ref­er­en­dum on Bri­tain’s mem­ber­ship of the EU, the polit­ic­al de­bate is in­tensi­fy­ing as both the re­main and leave groups put for­ward their cases.Today, we are launch­ing...