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CMS On your radar - January 2018

Key employment issues across Europe and beyond

The international CMS employment group has the pleasure of sharing the fourth edition of On Your Radar publication giving you access to the key employment law developments at your fingertips. Our easy to read guide provides our expert analysis and action points to deal with these developments in Europe and beyond.

And while many of us advising clients in Europe are dealing with the HR aspects of compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation, this edition contains a wide variety of developments beyond data privacy. We were particularly interested to read Turkiye’s contribution outlining new rules on mandatory mediation in employment disputes, an issue which many countries including the UK have struggled with in terms of balancing encouragement of settlement, with compelling a process that – philosophically – requires parties to want to resolve differences.

In what may be a sign of the times, Portugal has recently reinforced their provisions on harassment at work, an issue which we are sure we will hear more about in the year to come. And finally, a number of countries are adapting their employment laws to accommodate the commercial realities of more flexible models of working and working time. If you want to hear more about how these type of changes will affect different jurisdictions then please sign up to our Work Smart, Work Hard webinar series.

Our CMS employment law specialists are happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have at employment@cmslegal.com.

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On Your Radar January 2018
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