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Electronic Signatures & E-Signing Platforms

The definitive UK legal guide

4 November 2020

Some process changes aren’t glamorous or exciting, but can save costs, drive improved compliance and auditability and simply make what would otherwise be time-consuming tasks much easier. The adoption of e-signing platforms is a good example of this.

Remote working, negotiation and execution of transactions, whether local or cross-border, has increasingly become a business necessity in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing rules have accelerated this trend, further upending ‘traditional’ methods of doing business in person. Currently, face-to-face signing of documents and deeds in wet-ink is no longer practical and poses a risk to public health.

This guide is designed to provide guidance on the law governing electronic execution of deeds and documents in all UK jurisdictions, and on the practicalities of engaging with e-signing platforms.

You can also read CMS and Adobe's Brexit Briefing about what is the impact on electronic signature laws in the UK.

Electronic Signatures & E-Signing Platforms
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