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CMS On the Pulse episode #7: Telemedicine law, regulations and developments

Nick Beckett discusses telemedicine with Maria González Gordon (CMS Spain), Reemt Matthiesen (CMS Germany) and Valentina Parvu (CMS Romania). 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the significant growth and market opportunities that telemedicine and digital health apps present
  • how barriers to the take-up of telemedicine have been broken down during COVID-19
  • exceptional permitted uses of telemedicine in cases of emergency such as pandemics
  • fragmented regulation of telemedicine and digital health apps in different jurisdictions, with the advent of specific regulation in some jurisdictions
  • restrictions on the advertising of telemedicine and remote treatments
  • how patient data is protected and confidentiality preserved in use in telemedicine

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Episode #7 - Telemedicine and digital health apps

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Nick Beckett
Nick Beckett
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Beijing and Hong Kong Offices and Global Co-Head of CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
María González Gordon
María González Gordon
Reemt Matthiesen
Dr. Reemt Matthiesen