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Real Estate Report 2017

Smart. Healthy. Agile.

Accelerating change in the workplace is also increasing pressure on offices. Technology and changing attitudes, partly driven by the growing millennial cohort, are transforming the very nature of work. What is more, the ‘war for talent’ coupled with concerns about the mental and physical health of today’s employees is drawing into question the role the office environment plays. The lines between home, leisure and workplace are blurring.

In the face of this dynamic picture, CMS set out on this thought leadership report, the fifth in our series. In addition to gauging the mood of the market, something we have been tracking since 2013, the office theme is tied closely to our own narrative as a business. Our merger required a new workplace strategy. We thought carefully about how to configure our spaces in a way that helps make our people feel happy and motivated, integrates our teams and expresses our brand.

In this report, we hope to highlight new ways of thinking about office space. Investors, developers and occupiers alike are evolving from space providers and users, into creators and curators of experience, wellness and community.

Through in-depth interviews with eight industry figures we have drawn together insight from leaders in their fields. This is reinforced by data gathered from 350 professionals working within the real estate industry, predominantly investors and developers, contrasted with the views of over 1,000 office workers. This allows us to understand both perspectives and explore how these key trends will shape our futures.

We hope you enjoy reading the results and look forward to discussing them with you.

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Real Estate Report 2017