Information current as of 20 January 2020

What is the state of 5G deployment in Albania?

5G is not available in Albania yet and there is no clear indication on the expected dates for roll out.

According to information obtained from the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (EPCA), the body in charge of the deployment of 5G in Albania, the main barrier is the “clash” of frequencies. TV broadcasters currently overuse the 700 MHz frequency; this is holding back the EPCA from introducing 5G into the Albanian market and from implementing it through telecommunications suppliers. Once this frequency is free for use, the process of 5G deployment will commence.

Which telcos and communications players are launching 5G services?

In February 2019, there was an unsuccessful attempt to acquire the right to use the 800 MHz frequency from the biggest telecommunications supplier (Vodafone Albania).

It is worth noting that only Vodafone Albania and Telecom Albania were granted the right to test the spectrum of 800 MHz frequencies in Albania.

Are there any public tenders for spectrum licences?

No. The only public tenders related to this process have been carried out with regard to granting of the authorisation to test the spectrum of 800 MHz frequencies.

Has there been any comment on when there might be?

As stated above, the process is currently on hold, until the required frequencies are released from broadcasting use.

What has the government said regarding spectrum licences for commercial use?

Spectrum licences are contingent upon offering free frequencies and public tender announcements. The ECPA has not made a statement on the matter.

Are the rules for 5G already drafted, and if so, what do they say?

The rules for 5G are not drafted yet.

What are or would be the rules for granting competitors access to the new 5G networks, once they are deployed?

Not specified yet.


Mirko Daidone