CMS Expert Guide to insurance law and regulation

Ten things every insurer should know

Covering key jurisdictions, this landmark publication compares and contrasts essential issues that (re) insurance companies and insureds should consider to manage claims, such as:

  • Overview and governing bodies
  • Effect of misrepresentation and/or non-disclosure
  • Effect of breach of warranty and condition precedent
  • Consequence of late notification
  • Entitlement to bring a claim against an insurer
  • Entitlement to damages from an insurer for late payment of claim
  • General rules concerning the limitation period for claims
  • Policy triggers with respect to third party liability insurance
  • Recoverability of defence costs
  • Insurability of penalties and fines

The information contained in this Guide is for general purposes only and does not purport to constitute legal or professional advice from CMS or any other firm and as a consequence may not be relied upon.

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Ten things every insurer should know
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