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September 2019
CMS Life Sci­ences & Health­care Glob­al Bro­chure
29 Sep 19
CMS HR Academy: Mod­ern work pat­terns: how does one...
SPC Double Whammy - In­ter­pret­ing Art­icle 3(a) of the SPC Reg­u­la­tion
Sum­mary At the end of June, the CJEU heard the joint re­fer­rals from the Ger­man Bundes­pat­ent­gericht (case C-650/17) for Mer­ck’s sitaglipt­in product and from the Eng­lish Court of Ap­peal for Searle’s dar­unavir product (case C-114/18).
Sep 2019
CMS European M&A Out­look 2019
Storms brew­ing: European M&A Out­look 2019
30 Oct 19
Shar­ing is (S)caring
An­nu­al Tech­no­logy, Me­dia and Com­mu­nic­a­tions Con­fer­ence
UK food and cos­met­ic pro­du­cers to the EU to face new reg­u­la­tions after...
As Brexit draws near­er and with the like­li­hood of an un­reg­u­lated exit still not off the table, EU-27 com­pan­ies im­port­ing or selling food or cos­met­ics from Great Bri­tain face li­ab­il­ity risks if they con­tin­ue to sell these goods after a No-Deal Brexit.
Sep 2019
Dis­clos­ure pi­lot re­writes the rules on dis­clos­ure in...
In­ter­na­tion­al Dis­putes Di­gest - 2019
21 Nov 19
CMS Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care For­um 2019
Fu­ture fa­cing and pa­tient-cent­ric – in­nov­a­tion and...
Mono­poly break­up in Ukraine
On 5 Septem­ber 2019, the An­ti­mono­poly Com­mit­tee of Ukraine (AM­CU) found the OST­CHEM group, a pro­du­cer of ni­tro­gen fer­til­isers, guilty of ab­use of the mono­poly (dom­in­ant) po­s­i­tion, ordered its break up, and im­posed a fine of UAH 107 mil­lion (ca.
Es­ports view­er­ship – a closer look
Ukraine passes new pro­ced­ure for es­tab­lish­ing "green" tar­iff
On 30 Au­gust 2019, the Na­tion­al Com­mis­sion for State Reg­u­la­tion of En­ergy and Pub­lic Util­it­ies of Ukraine ad­op­ted a res­ol­u­tion ap­prov­ing a new pro­ced­ure for es­tab­lish­ing, re­view­ing and ter­min­at­ing the “green” tar­iff for busi­ness and house­hold pro­du­cers of elec­tri­city,.
Aug 2019
Crisis man­age­ment in the midst of Op­er­a­tion Car Wash
In­ter­na­tion­al Dis­putes Di­gest - Ju­ly 2019