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Maria Orlyk
Ukraine takes another step towards transforming it...
25 Jan 17
M&A: HR Do’s and Don’ts
Ukraine: Squeeze-out and Sell-out law has been adopted in the fir...
As part of the ongoing corporate reform, the Parliament of Ukraine has recently adopted (at the first reading) draft law No. 2302a-d (the “Draft Law”) dealing with various aspects of the functioning of joint stock companies in Ukraine.
Johannes Trenkwalder
Die Automobilindustrie in Osteuropa
Ukraine: Parliament considered New Bill on Shareholders’ Agreemen...
On 17 January 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament approved the Draft Law on Corporate Agreements (the “Draft Law”) (draft law No.  4470) in its first reading. When adopted, the Draft Law will significantly contribute to the reform of corporate laws in Ukraine.
14 December 2016
CEE Consumer Products Update
Ukraine: Laws on improvement of legislation in the field of state...
On 1 January 2017 the Law of Ukraine On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine On Fundamentals of Public Supervision (Control) of Business Activity (regarding Liberalization of Public Supervision (Control) of Business Activity) and the Law of Ukraine On Temporal.
Ukraine: New Tax Reform Law adopted by Parliament...
Ukraine takes steps towards balancing its budget revenues and int...
On 30 December 2016 the President of Ukraine signed the Law No. 1791 On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine Regarding the Balancing of Budget Revenues in 2017 (hereinafter the “Law No. 1791”). The Law No.
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CMS Guide to Passporting
Rules on Marketing Alternative Investment Funds in...
Judgment of the Court of Justice of EU on the Irish air travel ta...
On 21 December 2016, the Court of Justice of the EU partially annulled a judgment of the Tribunal regarding the Irish air travel tax and confirmed that Ireland must recover the sum of €8 per passenger from airlines benefiting from unlawful State aid.
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