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Update to the Corona manual


The Corona handbook is now also available in a print edition, and Christoph Wolf, Andrea Potz and Daniela Krömer will speak at a Manz webinar on short-time work.
Never before has the legal situation changed so much in such a short time as during the current COVID 19 pandemic. In the "Corona Handbook", 28 experts from the fields of law, jurisprudence, administration and academia reviewed current legal practice in a total of 17 subject areas. Florian Hörmann, Mirjam Holuschka, Andreas Jöst, Robert Keisler, Daniela Krömer, Andrea Potz, Daniel Scharf, Dominik Stella and Christoph Wolf from CMS were among the authors of this publication, which is now also available in print from Manz.

More information about the Corona manual can be found here. [German]

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