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Arbitration Lawyers

Globalisation has brought with it an increase in the number of international business disputes. The national court route is often not the best solution here because the parties prefer a neutral forum. Arbitration is the method of choice in such cases and offers a range of benefits, especially in international disputes. In addition to being flexible, conducted in private and less damaging to the business relationship, arbitration awards are also often easier to enforce than state court judgements.

CMS Germany is a leading law firm in the field of arbitration. The specialist lawyers in our team can look back on many years' involvement in national and international arbitration proceedings. They know the market and the conventions, and are familiar with the rules of all the main arbitration institutions (ICC, LCIA, DIS, SCC, Swiss Rules, Vienna Rules, UNCITRAL, ICSID, CIETAC, JCAA, etc.).

Depending on requirements and the legal issues, we form individual teams comprising experienced arbitrators and specialists from the relevant areas of law. In international arbitration proceedings we work closely with our colleagues from partner firms in the international CMS organisation, enabling us to offer cross-border advice from a single source.

CMS joined Arbitration Chambers Hong Kong as the German tenant. The Arbitration Chambers bring together experts in international arbitration from the main jurisdictions, covering the world’s leading economies. Arbitration Chambers Hong Kong is the first project of its kind in China.

Main focus

Helping to design effective arbitration agreements
Arbitration agreements enable parties to lay down the ground rules of the proceedings according to their requirements. This makes it necessary to establish the parties’ needs and interests and to draft the arbitration clauses accordingly. We carefully analyse the interests of the parties and all the unique features of the project, enabling us to develop suitable conflict-solving mechanisms. This in turn allows us to formulate precise arbitration clauses that meet the parties’ requirements, and to help our clients choose the appropriate arbitration rules.

Strategic analysis to manage overall conflict risk
Ideally, we advise our clients before a dispute arises in order to avert potential conflicts or be able to respond proactively if a dispute seems inevitable. We prepare opinions on potential liability risks and obligations, develop strategies for dispute avoidance and settlement, and help companies to assess and manage their risk potential.

Project-based advice in the event of a dispute
Should a dispute occur, we work with our clients to develop offensive or defensive strategies, assume responsibility for risk management, and handle all correspondence and documentation with reference to the rules of evidence of the agreed arbitration proceedings.

Representation in arbitration proceedings
When the need arises, we represent our clients in every phase of the proceedings. Our activities range from initiating proceedings to selecting the arbitrators, producing written submissions and submitting evidence through to representing parties and hearing witnesses in the proceedings. Our lawyers are also familiar with Anglo-American methods for determining the facts of the case (discovery) and taking evidence (cross-examination), which differ from German practice.

Acting as arbitrators
In addition to representing clients in arbitration proceedings, our lawyers frequently act as arbitrators. They are either appointed by the parties, or they act as the presiding arbitrator jointly appointed by the other arbitrators or by the relevant arbitration institution.

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Nicholas Wiegand
Dr. Nicolas Wiegand
Man­aging Part­ner
Head of Hong Kong Office and APAC International Arbitration | Head of Dispute Resolution Group, CMS Germany
Hong Kong
Germany, Munich
Nicolas Wiegand acts as counsel and arbitrator throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. He has handled well over 100 international commercial arbitrations under all major arbitration rules...
Dr. Falk Lichtenstein
China, Beijing
Falk has been advising clients in corporate law, Chinese and international commercial law as well as dispute resolution since 2006. His clients comprise foreign companies and their Chinese subsidiaries...
Jan Wölper
Germany, Hamburg
Jan Wölper specialises in advising and representing companies in the maritime industry. His clients include numerous leading container and tanker shipping companies, shipyards and marine insurers...
Ralf Dierck
Dr. Ralf Dierck
Germany, Munich
For more than 30 years, Ralf Dierck has been a trusted partner for major, globally operating companies, representing their interests on different panels and platforms. He advises and represents them...
Picture of Christoph Schröder
Dr. Christoph Schröder
Germany, Hamburg
As a member of the firm’s China Desk, Christoph Schröder advises companies on commercial and corporate law.He supports in particular Chinese state-owned and private enterprises in relation to their...
Alexander Reden
Alexander von Reden, LL.M. (Suffolk University, Boston)
Germany, Frankfurt
Alexander von Reden is a highly experienced transaction lawyer and has long-standing experience advising German and international companies and financial institutions on the full spectrum of corporate,...
Thomas Lennarz
Dr. Thomas Lennarz
Rechtsanwalt | Head of Dispute Resolution Group, CMS Germany
Germany, Stuttgart
Thomas Lennarz focuses on dispute resolution, representing companies and entrepreneurs before state courts as well as in arbitration proceedings and advising his clients in complex out of court negotiations....
Katrin Rohr-Suchalla
Dr. Katrin Rohr-Suchalla
Germany, Stuttgart
Katrin Rohr-Suchalla specialises in private construction law and all legal aspects pertaining to architects and engineers. Her clients include general contractors, developers, public authorities,...
Andreas J. Roquette
Andreas J. Roquette, LL.M. (NYU)
Germany, Berlin
Andreas J. Roquette advises his clients on large construction, infrastructure, plant construction as well as transport projects, including dispute resolution. He represents companies in major court...
Dorothee Ruckteschler
Dr. Dorothee Ruckteschler
Germany, Stuttgart
Dorothee Ruckteschler advises and represents German and international clients in proceedings before German courts as well as in national and international arbitration proceedings, with particular...