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Inheritance Tax Planning

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Tax efficient ways to bequeath an estate or give a lifetime gift

The German population has collectively generated huge amounts of private wealth that will at some point be passed on to the next generation. In most cases, wills are drawn up without taking tax implications into account – a serious oversight. Inheritance tax in Germany is between seven and 50 per cent of the bequeathed estate or lifetime gift.

With company assets, it is particularly important to seek qualified advice in order to avoid a tax burden that could threaten the survival of the company.

We maximise the wealth transfer options

The specialists at CMS GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft help you to reduce the inheritance tax burden by:

  • Appointing an appropriate heir
  • Timely implementation of anticipated succession
  • Restructuring assets
  • Measures to minimise inheritance tax by utilising tax benefits on business assets
  • Other individual solutions

Inheritance tax planning is an ongoing process. We will therefore continually monitor the appropriateness of the chosen solution.

The right strategy is key

We work in partnership with you to develop an asset transfer strategy. This also applies to the details of your testamentary provisions. We will be happy to review your will on a regular basis to see whether adjustments are needed.