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CEE German Desk

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CMS – your German-speaking partner in the CEE region

Are you planning to invest in Central and Eastern Europe or expand your activities in the region?

The CEE German Desk brings together the German-speaking legal and tax experts from all 17 CMS offices in Eastern Europe to help you access your target markets.

Integrated cross-border legal advice from a single source

Building on our extensive presence throughout Europe, the CEE German Desk is an additional service for our German-speaking clients. A headcount of over 600 lawyers makes us the largest law firm in Eastern Europe.

The members of the CEE German Desk work on a supra-regional basis to provide their clients with the best possible support. Accordingly, the Eastern European offices are closely networked with the CMS locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage across multiple jurisdictions.

Our aim is to assist you promptly and efficiently with your local and cross-border projects, leveraging our extensive legal expertise to deliver advice that meets the highest international standards.

Benefits of the CEE German Desk for your business

  • the CEE German Desk connects your company with the CEE region
  • in-depth industry knowledge and a profound understanding of business needs
  • comprehensive advice on individual legal issues plus support for entire projects
  • cross-border and multidisciplinary service
  • advice in all jurisdictions from a single source
  • strong network: long-standing contacts with industry experts and the authorities
  • CMS knowledge and expertise: a global mindset combined with deep local roots

CMS offers a full range of legal services at all its Eastern European offices. Key areas include:

  • Establishing a company
  • Business development
  • Setting up local production facilities
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Tax advice

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