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Polish Investors are Increasingly Expanding Westwards

The total sum of Polish direct investments in Germany continues to rise as more and more Polish companies seize the opportunity to boost their sales by expanding westwards. Poland has been experiencing strong and stable economic growth. The gradual saturation of the Polish market by local companies and their associated search for new markets is thus a natural development. Surveys indicate that rising numbers of Polish businesses intend to invest in foreign markets over the next few years.

Close Economic Ties between Poland and Germany

Poland and Germany enjoy very strong economic ties, with Germany becoming Poland’s most important trading partner after Poland joined the European Union in 2004. Similarly, the Polish market is proving increasingly attractive to German investors. Growing numbers of Polish and German companies are routinely investing in the neighbouring country. A stable economy, well-developed infrastructure and a transparent and reliable legal framework make the German market – Europe’s largest contiguous economic region – an attractive investment environment for Polish entrepreneurs.

Our Portfolio – Designed to Meet the Needs of Polish Business Owners

With its deep roots in Germany and Poland and strong specialisation in both markets, CMS is ideally placed to advise Polish businesses on entering the German market. CMS combines this expertise with an understanding of its clients’ sectors and detailed knowledge of Polish culture.

CMS Germany is among the leading law firms in Germany. We advise Polish companies and investors on all legal issues in connection with entering the German market or expanding their existing activities in Germany. Our services include advising on the following:

  • Establishing companies under German law
  • Acquisition of companies and other M&A transactions, including Joint Ventures
  • Corporate housekeeping (comprehensive ongoing advice on corporate law issues) 
  • Real estate
  • Commercial (inter alia supply and customer agreements, agency agreements)
  • Employment law
  • Tax law.

The International Desk Team

With its deep local roots and strong commitment to both Germany and Poland, CMS is perfectly placed to assist Polish entrepreneurs as they expand their operations. We combine excellent knowledge of the German market with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ sectors and the specifics of Polish culture.

Fluency in Polish is one of our greatest assets. This enables us to provide you with direct contacts in your native language, while also coordinating the activities of German-speaking lawyers in projects involving specialists across various areas of law.

The team presented below has a successful track record of handling complex transactions together with advisors from other local CMS offices and is your first point of contact. 

Our experience in cross-border projects allows us to offer maximum efficiency and cost savings. Depending on your specific needs, we are also able to bring in advisors and associates from other areas of expertise (e.g. Real Estate, Employment, Public, Subsidies, Finance, Merger Control, etc.).


Portrait of Igor Stenzel
Dr. Igor Stenzel
Portrait of Hanna Heimrath
Dr. Hanna Heimrath, LL.M.
Europäische Rechtsanwältin | Radca Prawny
Pol­ish Desk
We are pleased to present a bro­chure ded­ic­ated to the CMS Pol­ish Desk – a team of Pol­ish-speak­ing law­yers fo­cused on as­sist­ing cli­ents when ex­pand­ing in­to the Ger­man mar­ket. This present­a­tion was cre­ated...
Leit­fäden für pol­nis­che In­vestoren
Der Weg der Geschäft­s­ex­pan­sion in Deutsch­land kann für pol­nis­che Un­ternehmer eine Heraus­for­der­ung sein. De­shalb freuen wir uns, Ihnen un­sere prakt­ischen Leit­fäden für pol­nis­che In­vestoren vor­stel­len...


CMS ad­vises Medicov­er on ac­quis­i­tion of MeinDent­ist in Ger­many
Ber­lin – Medicov­er, a lead­ing in­ter­na­tion­al health­care and dia­gnost­ic ser­vices com­pany, has signed an agree­ment to ac­quire the busi­ness of MeinDent­ist. The ac­quis­i­tion is sub­ject to cus­tom­ary mer­ger...
CMS ad­vises RE­CARO on in­vest­ment in Pol­ish train seat com­pany Grow­ag
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Pol­ish Desk
We are pleased to present a bro­chure ded­ic­ated to the CMS Pol­ish Desk – a team of Pol­ish-speak­ing law­yers fo­cused on as­sist­ing cli­ents when ex­pand­ing in­to the Ger­man mar­ket. This present­a­tion was cre­ated...
CMS ad­vises Grupa Azoty on ac­quis­i­tion of COMPO EX­PERT
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CMS ad­vises Medort Group on ac­quis­i­tion of Richter R.M.S. GmbH
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